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  • so that got us thinking if you were going to start a franchise right build around either Luca or Zion, who would be your pick?

  • Clinton, your on the spot.

  • Go to me.

  • It's Luca and there's not a lot of questions asked, and unfortunately, it's injury related.

  • I just think that when you're talking about a player like sign on so many risk, you just got to discussing.

  • Are you gonna play this guy in the back?

  • In the back to back challenges Ankle twice this year and this time for turned his ankle is a completely different thing that made me operations.

  • In my opinion, there was no such thing as teaching him how to walk again, which was something we heard earlier this season.

  • And overall, I think at this stage, Luca is a better player.

  • I just find them to be a little bit more dynamic in terms of the way that he includes teammates in terms of the scoring ability.

  • Zion could do a lot of things.

  • Lucan do a few more.

  • In my opinion, I'd like that.

  • This is so hard.

  • First off, Zionist, two years younger than Luca.

  • Yep.

  • So you have to understand.

  • Just don't compare them today.

  • Compare where Zion would be in two years and think about how much he's gonna learn about it.

  • I have my AM or excited about Zion than pretty much any players coming in the N B A and last 15 years, so it's very difficult for me to pick against him.

  • But considering that Luca's a perimeter player and with the injuries, I would probably go with Luca.

  • But I don't like saying that this other one, they will not care and hot take it and say, Die on.

  • But I guess I'll have to let my head went out of my heart.

  • Look, it's hard.

  • The truth is, there's no quote, right answer, because we just don't know how you build the question.

  • That's why there's gonna out, I think is a really good question because it doesn't have an automatic answer.

  • My only concern is not like, Oh, you saying Don change overs I and I think that's completely valid.

  • If that's the side you're taking, I guess I just hate seeing guys given that injury tag, because I wouldn't say I can.

  • Anthony Davis, right?

  • Who people still say, Man, he's injury prone.

  • He had specific injuries early in his career.

  • But if you look at the number of games he's played for the entire second half of his career, he's not injury prone.

  • But those things stick with guys in a way that I just don't like it early talking about that known.

  • We were talking about the unknown in both of these, so you tried to limit what you but you can predict which age as much as anything.

  • When I see a full NBA season from Zion, a better predictor.

  • Zion is, by the way, he is only 19.

  • As Brian pointed out, he's the fourth youngest player in the entire MBA.

  • So to do what he is doing at this age is bananas.

  • What Luke is able to do also bananas.

  • And when we think about this whole class, right about these a couple of years in the draft, we talk about Leuco would talk about Zion.

  • We talk about Jason Tain and we talk about Trey Young.

  • We talk about the fifth person forgetting John Moran.

  • Of course, he was going to be the presumptive rookie of the year.

  • I mean, it's an insane group and When you look back, we have these clumps, right?

  • The LeBron clump.

  • You've got Tim Duncan clump.

  • I mean, there's just close the banana club.

  • So there you go.

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so that got us thinking if you were going to start a franchise right build around either Luca or Zion, who would be your pick?

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