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  • here to help us focus in focus is the key word.

  • I see you laughing.

  • It didn't go to the thesaurus this year.

  • We just went focused, Which is fine.

  • Was great night tonight as usual.

  • But if were to try to sum up what the league wide goal of the evening was on a night where you said they would challenge the number of trades.

  • And they did what was sort of the overall lead wide thinking.

  • Well, I think you saw Ah ah, pattern of teams you know who want to be big players in free agency start to set themselves up for that.

  • You know, Boston now potentially has $26 million in cap space.

  • Brooklyn and the Clippers are in position to have to max contracts.

  • You know, the Lakers went out and bought a pick.

  • Ah, and you know they're starting to fill out their roster, but ah, this draft, in a lot of ways, is very much a prelude.

  • So what's coming in July?

  • And I thought that both New Orleans in Atlanta really helped themselves.

  • Atlanta's done a terrific job in these last two drafts, which I'm begging you as a friend just turn your phone off Goto bed just for only six hours.

  • Give yourself a six hour window and then wake up and fight again Another day.

  • All right, I'm gonna go have a bear or that or that.

  • Like obviously, given the fact that they also traded for Bruno, Fernando means Atlanta's my favorite team because of all the Terps they've got.

  • What do you make of the moves that Atlanta has made?

  • I absolutely love what they did today.

  • Moving up to number four to get DeAndre Hunter.

  • That's the main piece they needed.

  • A guy who can defend multiple positions, who doesn't need the ball, who can space for the floor.

  • And that's what DeAndre Hunter is is the best defender in the draft and then getting a camera reddish at number 10.

  • This is a guy who has a top five talent, needs to be in a situation where he can play off others, not high pressure, just get up and down, shoot transition threes and develop the rest of his game.

  • Perfect situation for him, love with the Hawks are doomed.

  • I also get the sense that a lot of people like what Cleveland did and I don't care about a lot of people As much as I care about your opinion.

  • I just mentioned that whole they've got Tell me about the Cavaliers and what they managed to accomplish tonight.

  • Absolutely love it.

  • I think they're building kind of the Portland Trail Blazers of the East.

  • They got the number four prospect in the draft at number five in Darius Garland, and I would just pair him with Collin Sexton and say, We're gonna play two guards.

  • This is what John Beilein does.

  • It's what he's always done.

  • Can you do that trouble?

  • I'm sorry to interrupt those those guys air smallish.

  • I mean, can you go with those two guys in today's MBA?

  • Your two guards?

  • I think you can.

  • You know they're not that much smaller than Dame or C.

  • J.

  • Sure they need to prove as playmakers.

  • There's no doubt about that.

  • But I mean, with with garlands ability to shoot it with range, I think you can play on it.

  • I think you can play off it and then just continuing to add big wings around them like a Dylan Wendler six foot eight better defender than he gets credit for Spaces the floor and then taking a swing on Kevin Porter at 30.

  • I think it's worth the risk there.

  • Bull Bull is a guy that you called his polarizing A prospect, as there was in the draft, actually felt badly for the young man.

  • He just has to leave the table and then comes back.

  • Just looks miserable by the time he's finally selected.

  • Howdy, fall this bar.

  • I think it's a combination of the medical and the intel you know in today's game, you can't hide from anything if you have any weaknesses in terms of your work ethic.

  • In terms of your habits, teams know they know what you're tweeting.

  • They know what's on your social media.

  • And, you know, I think some of that stuff hurt him in terms of, you know, the injury stuff and then the intel as well.

  • But like we said all along, I mean, he is a big time talent, and I hope you know, this is a bit of a wake up call for him and allows him to kind of lock in and focus on being the best basketball player he can.

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here to help us focus in focus is the key word.

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