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  • So the power of friendship you probably heard about it, or the very least seen it happening shows it's like the ultimate trope.

  • Houston movies, television, video games, an anime.

  • It's great and cheesy and also kind of a cop out.

  • But did you know there's actually a real science behind it?

  • I'm just on the Internet.

  • I do all the research.

  • Nobody else wants to go straight from the battle.

  • I like to think we're friends.

  • Okay, I'm not saying the power of friendship is some logical force.

  • But after seeing how thinking about your friends, let's characters push themselves past their normal limit, get up after taking a serious beating or overcome inconceivable odds.

  • It really got me thinking the power of friendship is probably just naturally occurring chemicals in your body, you know, like dopamine.

  • For example.

  • It's a hormone best known for making you happy, which could be triggered by a bunch of stuff, including nostalgic thoughts of your friends, exercise drugs, sex and even my personal favorite cookies.

  • Which is why it's so dope.

  • Yeah, you know, I mean, okay, I'll stop.

  • Another chemical culprit is adrenaline.

  • You know, when a hero is fighting the big baddie and they're almost done for all hope is lost.

  • But then, suddenly their friends say they believe in them or whatever, and the hero manages to save the day.

  • Yeah, that kind of power of friendship is most likely scientifically speaking adrenaline.

  • Not only is an adrenaline response a very real thing, but it's awe inspiring.

  • Strength is a reality as well.

  • The science of why people suddenly become stronger and stressful situations is the most bad ass natural superpower booster you already have as a human being.

  • I mean, like, next to quarters all and norepinephrine in Just focus on adrenaline.

  • Let me give you a crash course on adrenaline.

  • What is it?

  • Adrenaline is this crazy cool hormone that's released into the body during times of stressful or fearful situations.

  • And what's awesome is once it's released into your body, all sorts of insane things start happening.

  • Your eyes dialling to take in more light on information.

  • Your veins and arteries constrict so that blood flow increases throughout your body.

  • Toe up your oxygen count, which in turn feeds your muscles oxygen, and all the while your metabolism increases in speed to properly breakdown energy to officially feed your muscles, which in layman's terms means your reflexes increase speed increases, thinking of processing information increases and strength increases.

  • But the best part because you're in this state of overdrive and stress you're essentially invulnerable to feeling any sort of pain, your literally superhuman.

  • So thinking about your friends and what your failure will mean to them would absolutely put a character under additional stress, which would cause the release of more adrenaline.

  • So, yeah, the power friendship actually can make them faster, stronger and able to push through wounds they previously couldn't.

  • Science people.

  • So now, obviously, I'm basing this on human Brazil, and in a lot of cases we're dealing with aliens, mutants and anthropomorphic characters.

  • But adrenaline and dopamine are chemicals found in way more things than just a few minutes, and it's a pretty good base to use to explain these characters, so help pushing through these possible situations.

  • Also, characters with alien physiology might have something even crazier.

  • Like super adrenaline.

  • It'll save that for another time.

  • Fun fact.

  • Did you know you could probably die of stress?

  • Don't let that stress you out.

  • Real talk, though.

  • There's an actual thing called Hiroshi.

  • That literally translates to overworked death, which is caused by a stress induced heart attack.

  • So if you're thinking about going to test out your natural superpowers after watching this video, you may want to think twice.

  • I'm just saying, if I was trapped under a bus, like like a really big bus, do you think whiz or broomstick would care enough about me till hook up and become my jaws of life?

  • No, you know what?

So the power of friendship you probably heard about it, or the very least seen it happening shows it's like the ultimate trope.

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The Power of Friendship | The Desk of DEATH BATTLE

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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