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  • in a world filled with monsters and villains which threaten the survival of humanity on a daily basis.

  • It's a stroke of luck that mankind has its fair share of Saviours in the form of superheroes.

  • And some of these heroes air so powerful they can crush all the baddies without even laying a finger on him.

  • These are s spurts superhumans who possess powerful psychic abilities.

  • And one of them is a girl named Todd.

  • What is that, really?

  • Why did she have cinnamon rolls stuck on her face?

  • Well, let's just say one is more well known for his excellent storytelling.

  • Then say his art, regardless taught to monkeys.

  • Psychic abilities were extraordinary even at a young age.

  • So much so.

  • She was taken from her family to be detained and studied at a research facility.

  • She was seven years old, so not the best childhood.

  • Obviously lucky for she got out thanks to a surprise rescue by the hero called Blessed who last things.

  • I guess no one really knows.

  • Either way.

  • Blasts rescue change, Tatu Markey's life forever, and he left her with one very important lesson.

  • When the time comes, don't expect someone to save you.

  • That's kind of how he is supposed to be a superhero, right?

  • Whether it be she was inspired by his heroism or tort.

  • By his contradiction, Tamaki decided to take up here work for herself.

  • Thus she took up the mantel.

  • Tornado of terror.

  • Yeah, I know what you're thinking.

  • Doesn't that sound more like a supervillain name?

  • And you might mistake over one, too, because she's kind of a bread.

  • Well, she is the best at what she does, and she knows it.

  • So she often seems arrogant and rude with her psycho kinesis.

  • She often floats above her opponents, looking down on them literally and figured him.

  • Her favorite thing to do is throw rugs and people.

  • Big drug small rugs.

  • Rugs from outer space doesn't matter if it's vaguely rough.

  • Shape it flying engine, but she doesn't discriminate.

  • She's also find through another things like trains, schools, people, even a giant octopus.

  • Not only that, but she can alter the direction of gravity, create town spanning barriers, twist of a human body, cause magnitude eight level earthquakes and spin up enormous whirlwinds fitting for her namesake.

  • And that's not even half of it.

  • She is the most powerful Esper of them all.

  • Even better than her older sister.

  • Who?

  • Bogey.

  • Actually, that's her younger sister.

  • Her weight.

  • What man?

  • Enemies.

  • Really confusing butts, given her past, even with her sister.

  • Beside her tot, Samaki has some serious trust issues.

  • She doesn't even want food Bookie to have friends chilled out.

  • Lady friends are important right with I'm sorry.

  • What?

  • Oh, well, he had his chance.

  • Any weight manipulating objects and organisms is only part of her skill set Taught some monkeys.

  • Power truly shines when it comes to precision.

  • Oh, speaking of which, I got to get home.

  • My daughter is supposed to be home from a date soon, and I gotta be ready with the gun.

  • You're not actually going to shoot him, right?

  • Is the sky blue is Do you experiment on animals?

  • Is this puddle of whisky empty?

  • Yes.

  • I'm going to shoot him.

  • Oh, OK, But what if he brings her home on time and he gets one in the leg for dominance?

  • Well, okay.

  • Come back next week for the full episode of Mob versus Tazi.

  • Mock Steve.

  • So dreaming is on the basketball team.

  • Yeah, Let's see you up with this bullet in your leg.

in a world filled with monsters and villains which threaten the survival of humanity on a daily basis.

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Tatsumaki Twists into DEATH BATTLE!

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