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  • as we welcome in my Conley to SportsCenter, Mike, Big night for you last night.

  • What does it mean to be recognized for more than just your encore plate, But by your teammates and opponents, Um, you know, really is just truly honor.

  • I can't say it enough to be able to be basically voted in by your peers and competitors.

  • Your teammates, Guys, that, um you know, you sweat and bleed with on the floor.

  • It means a lot, you know, because we're all great basketball players.

  • But to really get to see another side of people in people recognize that the person behind the jersey is really cool.

  • So just this trying to continue to build off of it and continue.

  • Hopefully, I want another one on in the years to come.

  • Oh, yeah, You gotta You gotta manifested to the university.

  • Will.

  • You'll see.

  • All right.

  • So you spent 12 seasons with the Grizzlies.

  • Last week, you were traded to the Jazz.

  • Now that you've had some time to get settled and process everything, how are you feeling about the move?

  • I'm feeling great.

  • I'm feeling confident.

  • It's almost like an injection into the arm.

  • And I'm really just excited to get out there and get things going.

  • Be really anxious to get the work and had the opportunity to work out with Donovan Mitchell while I was down here in L A.

  • And really get to spend some time with some of the guys and, uh, got to spend time with Rudy last night.

  • The event.

  • So it's really cool toe, you know, be a part of such a great unit, A great tight knit group of guys, very family atmosphere.

  • So I'm excited to get get out there and get things rolling.

  • Now you mentioned that picture that your sister took on Instagram of you and Donovan Mitchell.

  • That costs a stir yesterday on Social Media Arzak Low, even saying that adding, You've to Utah makes it a legitimate contender next season.

  • The team.

  • What are your expectations heading into the new season with the guys?

  • Well, I think it's just that, you know, we feel that we we will have a team that can contend.

  • Um, and I think that, you know, they were already a very, very good team without me coming in there.

  • And I'm just trying to come in and be a guy they can come in and, you know, with my leadership, you know, all things in my experience that I've had throughout my 12 seasons can try to help this team reached that next level.

  • So I'm going to do whatever it takes.

  • I think that's what that's what's great about the situation.

  • We've got a bunch of guys who are willing to do whatever it takes to win and great coaching staff behind that.

  • So we're excited now.

  • I know you're really good friends of Marc Gasol.

  • Has he giving you any tips on transitioning to a new team?

  • Um, you know, he text me is you know, right when I got traded and asked me how I was feeling on and I told him everything like you gonna miss Memphis and it's gonna be tough, But I'm excited for opportunity.

  • And I told him that I would see him in the championship and he said, That's what I like to hear.

  • So I'm excited.

  • Teoh, hopefully get that opportunity.

  • You're excited in Utah is excited.

  • Thank you so much, Mike, for hanging out with us on SportsCenter.

  • Good luck this coming season.

  • Thank you very much.

as we welcome in my Conley to SportsCenter, Mike, Big night for you last night.

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Mike Conley 'feeling great' about playing with Jazz, Donovan Mitchell | SportsCenter

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