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  • there are some dudes that's just soft.

  • This party, they they are intimidate.

  • They don't wanna have Ah, conversation, man.

  • The man with you toe handle their business.

  • They use others to do it for them.

  • And I don't have any respect for that.

  • I tell the athletes all the time.

  • You know what?

  • I'm right here.

  • And I got the national air waves of standing right in front of your face.

  • If you got something to say to me, tell me when and where I meet you.

  • It doesn't matter.

  • But you're inaccessibility will not stop me from doing my job.

  • Get us attitude you got But But, Stephen, way we can.

  • We can front month money is power.

  • And at some point when you start making enough bread is like such a such I can't say anything to me because you're not gonna take my quality of your life.

  • And I'm not dealing with that.

  • So James right has to be there.

  • Something to be said for that is what Stephen A.

  • People are different.

  • Of course, people change and some approach things differently.

  • But is it not fair to say that these players here, all of them the good ones in the bad here so much more about themselves, then they did as recently as 20 years ago that it's reasonable to assume it's going to affect them in some way.

  • Yes, it's fan greeny, but you also have to consider the source.

  • If you treat everybody with you know, blanketly, then that's a different problem.

  • You're around the league.

  • If you're in the league and you've been playing a number of years, you've been around long enough to cultivate relationships.

  • If you so choose to cultivate relationships in a fashion way, you know who to speak out when you want to have your voice.

  • But because of social media, they feel like they have a voice.

  • They don't need to speak to anybody.

  • They could send those hanging ruins to speak on their behalf.

  • They could say something themselves on social media if they want to, and sometimes they act like that's going to usurp the position of those in the media.

  • Good luck with that.

  • Let's see if you pull it off.

  • But here's the thing.

  • The guys Jalen, we have guys who will make burner accounts to argue with people who have like 81 followers.

  • They're not talking about Stephen A.

  • Smith, who's the loudest voice in all of sports.

  • We're talking about guys who were defending themselves in arguments against just people, random people with Twitter accounts.

  • And you would think I would be the person that making 81 references, not you.

  • Just the thing greeny for today's player.

  • You alluded to it, and I talked about it earlier.

  • There's so much multimedia consumption think about you're looking down at your phone.

  • You're looking at Facebook.

  • You're looking at Twitter.

  • You're looking at a I.

  • G.

  • You're looking at the television.

  • You're looking at you, too.

  • It's so much information that has to do what your name, your brand and other people get a chance to now chime in and have opinions as well.

  • At some point, you feel like I'm making this a level of money.

  • I have this much power.

  • I'm going to defend myself because it can affect my brand.

  • It could affect my followers.

  • It could affect my appearances, my endorsements.

  • So it becomes bigger than just what's happening.

  • I got as it relates to the score.

  • The game.

  • Stephen, a power device greeny to the players themselves.

  • Do what you can to cultivate relationships with people that you would like to disseminate your message as opposed to Lyon relying on your hanger on who nobody in the media is going to trust anywhere they don't hear from you, it doesn't matter.

  • And in terms of the media, you know what?

  • Be fair, be human, and outside of that don't give a damn about what anybody has to say.

  • If they talk.

  • Just because they don't talk to you doesn't mean they get to stop you from talking about them movil, period.

  • I do it every day, and I'm living quite right.

  • But also Stephen Aid.

  • That's a strip That's a discipline that cause the wisdom and also a life skill.

  • What I would say to people is, don't take everything so very personal, like we're really critiquing.

  • Yeah, that's what we're saying.

  • Public consumption is not personal.

  • It we're just trying to be professional.

  • Couple of mercy.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

there are some dudes that's just soft.

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Stephen A. calls out modern NBA players: Stop leaning on social media! | Get Up

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