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  • in the year 21.

  • Humanity experienced a golden age of technology, all thanks to the discovery and replication of a certain blue android that could think and feel like a human.

  • These replicated Androids or rep Lloyds for mass produced and used in all levels of society.

  • Wow, that sounds amazing.

  • Like it could have no possible negative repercussions at all.

  • Unfortunately, there it is.

  • Instances of crime involving Rep Lloyd's began to increase.

  • Something seemed to be infecting them, turning these rep Lloyd's into violent Mavericks who needed to be stopped.

  • So Dr Kean, the gay that started this reflection dig in the first place, created aroma so bad ass that it could hunt Mavericks without getting infected himself.

  • This rep Lloyd was named Sigma commander.

  • Sigma led the newly formed maverick hunters like an elite police force.

  • Under his leadership skills, the number of overall casualties dropped to a whopping zero.

  • Things were going great well, until they found a mysterious red maverick in an abandoned laboratory who started eating Maverick Hunter.

  • As for breakfast, Wait, that didn't come out right.

  • Sigma fought the fight of his life, and though he technically won, his victory was far more periods than he or the rest of the world could ever have imagined.

  • So red Gay was called zero and turns out the thing infecting grip Lloyds and turning them into Mavericks was a virus.

  • Leaking from zero stays is pud.

  • It also didn't downright a final gift from that dastardly doctor Wild Derek gonna think it's hard on a hangover.

  • Fortunately, Sigma was designed to fight off such a virus.

  • Unfortunately, this actually just made things worse.

  • Instead of bending Sigma to its violent will, the virus merged with his programming, becoming one with his body and mind.

  • Together, they both became stronger than before.

  • With a whole new outlook on the world, Sigma began to look at humankind and detrimental to ref Lloyd Evolution holding back their full potential.

  • Yeah, the big, strong metal people hate to dump flesh bags here from you every time at the bar with, uh When was the last time I went to a far You don't remember?

  • Uh, no.

  • Well, it's how you get that tattoo on your lower back.

  • I have a tattoo on my back.

  • What is it?

  • What does it say?

  • Uh, nothing.

  • I was just kidding.

  • Anyway, come back next.

  • We can enjoy the full episode of Ultra versus Sigma and turn.

  • I need you to fix a mirror Stats.

  • Don't do it, Justice Lynn.

in the year 21.

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Sigma controls DEATH BATTLE!

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