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  • changing it a beautiful thing.

  • They have to adapt or attend sports.

  • At the time, I would say Shack was a dominant force coming out of Europe.

  • Way had, you know, the Yugoslavians, you know, leading the way.

  • Sabonis was a great examples, while Tim Duncan was also someone that I looked up to.

  • There's a lot of players that, you know, you grow up trying to watch, but you can duplicate what they do it just because they saw a special on the so unique somebody that is not a big man that are also watching a lot was a Larry Bird.

  • Today will be okay.

  • Mihail knows those guys were, you know, guys that I could, you know, kind of see how they were effective in a different game.

  • Adaptive.

  • Now you have to be able to do multiple things on the court.

  • You have to be able able to open up the floor to create angles for the guards.

  • You have to be able to, especially to guard in different ways because that you know there's much more space behind you, so you have to cover more ground defensively.

  • Um, there's not as much banking before, so you know you don't want to be closer to £300 will be closer to 2 50 nowadays.

  • Eso it changes.

  • It's a beautiful thing.

  • They have to adapt or attend sports.

  • When I came in in 2000 and 89 you know, we had in the emir still shy.

  • There was Yao di Howard.

  • They played a lot through him.

  • There were quite a few guys.

  • Aled Jefferson was also, you know, super player.

  • There was a lot of, you know, more or three outside to inside type of basketball now in the you know, almost in 2020.

  • Um, the has completely changed.

  • Now, is this not 12345 is more like two guards, two forwards and a center.

  • If you want to call it that has to be able to shoot threes.

  • Has to able to, you know, our multiple positions have to be able to play in different spots on the floor.

  • So, um, it has completely changed.

  • My game has to change with time.

  • If not, I would not be able to play now.

  • Shoots and scores gasoline wide open squares for Korean knocks it whole well more than my game is important to the team.

  • It facilitates a lot for for offense.

  • Andi open up lanes for the guards to drive forces the difference to make a tough decision.

  • Either it's wage or if it's rotating and puts two on the ball.

  • And after that you have to a defender.

  • You have to decide what you wanna give up, so you have to be set up.

  • You can only be one dimensional.

  • Offensively.

  • You cannot on leave by the jump shot, but it's definitely a good tool to have remove your feed us the loud in your feet.

  • Eso that that's important.

  • You have to communicate early because you're gonna have, you know, the angles.

  • Did you have to cover allowed Mawr up on the floor than before?

  • At the same time, you have to make sure that you letting everybody everyone know around you what's going on because they trust you in the treasure voice I played.

  • How so?

  • Um can't complain about my era because I'm playing and now and it you know, it just different challenges.

  • And like I said, people do a lot of copycat always in in the n b A, and you always try to take down who is ahead of who's winning.

  • So you always trying to find Connor ways to, ah, to take down the best team in the league s Oh, we'll see who's the best team in the league now and how you know we can kind of that already if we are the one.

  • So why not the evolution of this pace and space game?

  • Big man could do more that stupid at ass about this cute.

  • You're better off shooting the three.

  • I'll be Michael Jordan in this I'm old school have to adapt or attend sports.

changing it a beautiful thing.

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Marc Gasol’s exclusive ESPN interview on the decline of the Big Man in the NBA

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