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  • dishes.

  • Adams Little push on roles for the city and missed its last five.

  • Your point Denver has had in 30 assists for their last six games.

  • That's a category.

  • Their third peak performance this season.

  • Brand lines it up.

  • Can square it in.

  • Ferguson just flew in for the rebound comes Paul pushing pace.

  • If the Leaves with I felt like they had advantage, so he presses.

  • The issue.

  • Gets to 34 24.

  • Thunder Lean.

  • Anything for your group candidate night.

  • A little bit of competitive spirit here down the stretch.

  • Paul Settling things down.

  • 19 points on six of seven shooting for Nicolay.

  • Okay, Paul directing traffic.

  • Two for one opportunity here for the Thunder.

  • Paul.

  • 19 for Yokich, 11 for Jamal Murray.

  • They lead the way for Denver.

  • Partner has said Thunder can hold for one.

  • Here.

  • Here is with four seconds left.

  • Tall on the drive.

  • Got wizardry from C P.

  • Three.

  • So prior possession he walks up into a three because he knows it's a two for one.

  • And then he weighed Danilo.

  • Gallinari down said, I've got the matchup by one, gets Paul Millsap reacting to the cross.

  • The between the legs se goes the distance.

  • He wins seven rounds.

  • Five.

  • It's gonna be an all time classic.

  • I can't wait Wow, you goes the distance, Gets another three in transition, comes back with a smile on his face.

  • No, l takes a tumble that will do that.

  • Passion Murray Without very much space.

  • That guy knows how to create the space.

  • Yes, he does Think blocks the stars of the Denver Nuggets team the face of this Denver Nuggets team.

  • How far will those two guys take?

  • A Paul Rain bows?

  • And these are the two teams that have been absolutely outstanding in the clutch to on three and out.

  • Ball has helped surveys Eaters takes Chris Paul asserting himself in this Chris Paul Prior possession dots in the mid range game he's dancing with Will Barton says, Right, You've not closed the space.

  • As I picked up the dribble, I'm gonna let it loose and then you close out well, a little bit frustrated with the call, but you're closing some space and you don't allow him to come down.

  • 70 Denver run 7 30 point game this season from shots all night.

  • Gets it up.

  • Paul shakes Millsap beautifully finished now, so you're 15.

  • Still scratch and claw.

  • Competitive as ever.

  • Paul Millsap dancing Don't get it home, but stick your nose in there after Steven Adams keeps it alive.

  • They look at the way gets Paul Millsap reacting the wherewithal to get into that mid range and then just hang tough.

  • And we're killing done in these air to basketball junkies.

  • Billy Donovan, Chris Paul said.

  • What I admire most is the guy's a whole of the jumper in trouble, and if you notice he that's his patented move late.

  • Get to the right hand.

  • Get between the free throw line on the baseline and that little fadeaway jump shot.

  • Another impressive way for these.

  • Thunder won 13 101 The final as a take down Denver.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.


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Chris Paul’s clutch 29-point performance in Thunder vs. Nuggets | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

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