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  • BOOMSTICK: Terry Bogard was born with nothing to his name. Hell, he didn't even have a last name.

  • WIZ: Stranded with his brother Andy, Terry grew up an orphan on the dangerous streets of South Town.

  • BOOMSTICK: Until they were adopted by Jeff Bogard, who immediately introduced them to a regime of bonding, and kicking ass!

  • Now that's a good dad..well until he got murdered.

  • WIZ: When he was only ten years old, Terry and Andy watched helplessly as their foster father was murdered before their eyes

  • by Geese Howard, a notorious crime lord.

  • Swearing vengeance, the brothers spent the next decade training to, one day, take down Geese.

  • BOOMSTICK: What did water fowl ever do to 'em?

  • WIZ: N-no not birds, Gees..Geese Howard, the bad guy.

  • BOOMSTICK: Oh Wiz. I know you're not a poetry scientist degree holder like myself...

  • But you should know that the singular term for geese is goose.

  • It's just common sense.

  • WIZ: Aww-let's just move on.

  • As the years went by, Terry became an exceptional martial artist.

  • Mastering boxing, karate, kung-fu, and kickboxing. He developed an impressive set of techniques.

  • Like the 'Burn Knuckle', a fierce punch surrounded by energy.

  • BOOMSTICK: And the 'Crack Shoot', a jumping axe kick.

  • Or he can just punch the ground SO FRIGGIN HARD, he makes a power wave...

  • ...where he sends a deadly wave of energy through the earth towards whatever poor bastard he's fighting.

  • WIZ: But even after learning all of these, Terry knew he would need more to defeat Geese.

  • BOOMSTICK: Goose.

  • WIZ: No.

  • WIZ: We'll cover all that, and MORE next week, in the full episode...

  • ...where Terry will FINALLY face off against Ken, from 'Street Fighter'!

  • BOOMSTICK: And maybe then Wiz will know: how many gooses take a geese.

BOOMSTICK: Terry Bogard was born with nothing to his name. Hell, he didn't even have a last name.

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Terry Bogard Knuckles His Way Into DEATH BATTLE!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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