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  • the ultimate insider, Adrian Wooldridge.

  • Brodsky is with us right now.

  • Adrian.

  • What are the Clippers plans about how to use Kawai lending this season?

  • What are they telling you, Stephen?

  • A.

  • As of now, the Clippers have no plan in the immediate future for quite Leonard to play in back to back games scenarios.

  • And they shared his medical information with the league Office League, agrees that he is an injured player and doesn't follow the rest policy.

  • And so you're going to see them be very conservative with Kwai Leonard throughout this regular season and and do what Toronto did last year, which is get him ready to make a championship run in the springtime.

  • I am going to double down by ask you about the perspective from the league's vantage point.

  • This is a nationally televised game, the reigning league MVP against the reigning N B A Finals, M v p, and we're not getting that matchup tonight.

  • What what is the league's response to all of this been?

  • Have they really been okay with everything?

  • Stephen The league agrees that Kawai has an injury and that his knee is a problem, and under the rules that the owners and the league put in place.

  • The Clippers have a right to sit him in.

  • The league has not pro tested with this policy.

  • Uh, thus far.

  • Let's transition to pull joins.

  • That other superstar is gonna be in the Clippers uniform this season.

  • What's his status?

  • When is he returning to the lineup?

  • And how did they plan on utilizing him once once he gets back, Stephen Paul George has been ramping up his workouts for the first time.

  • He will play in a five on five scenario on Saturday and a Clippers work out.

  • And then the Clippers and Paul George, his agent, Aaron men still sit down and start to lay out a possible return date for him.

  • But you can expect Paul George once he is back after these offseason shoulder surgeries.

  • You know he's not going to play every night, either, that the idea of load management with these Clippers, it's for the long run and and they want to preserve these two star players for years to come.

  • Whoa, Joe always appreciate the great work.

  • Thanks a lot, buddy.

  • Talk to you soon.

  • Thanks, Stephen.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

the ultimate insider, Adrian Wooldridge.

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Woj explains to Stephen A. how the NBA feels about Kawhi Leonard's load management | SportsCenter

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