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  • One of my favorite developments of the n b A in the last few years is the guys are expressing vulnerability in a way they never did before.

  • And sometimes that's in the context of mental health Here.

  • It's sort of professional development and none of us sitting here at the table that the idea that it aged 30 when you've been driven by ambition in preparation, that your professional careers by and large, if not over, certainly, and it's it's it's late twilight.

  • It's just something that I don't think anybody can appreciate with these guys go through mentally when the phone stops ringing.

  • Jeremy, it's tough because, you know, I think backup point guard.

  • You want one.

  • You want three things right you want you want durability and he hasn't been healthy.

  • You want good shooting at this point, and I think India is a good pick and roll player but hasn't been a a average in a three point shooter since 2014 15 with good volume, you know, and so it's difficult.

  • He doesn't really offer anyone upside, and I think one of the problems of being 30 is the league knows what Jeremy illegal healthy.

  • Jeremy Lin.

  • We kind of know why not take a chance if I'm some other team on a guy that Hey, you know he's younger and he could be our backup if he pops.

  • Wow, we have real value there with Jeremy.

  • You kind of know you get, you get a great team, die, you get a pick and roll player.

  • But those up with those other deficiencies, it's hard.

  • And it was I mean, it's a moment of empathy.

  • Just watching it.

  • When I saw this at first might need yet knee jerk reaction was, you just wanted changes with the Raptors.

  • Shouldn't that be such a crazy, crazy, professional accomplishment?

  • We all know you're rise, and you've banked all this money.

  • But then I thought more about it, like that's totally the wrong way to look at it.

  • That doesn't determine happiness, winning a championship or the amount of money that you have in your bank account.

  • It's about the pursuit of that goal of that dream, and if you start this, feel that dream slip away, obviously that can mess with your mental because it's been two decades that he's been striving every day to be At that perch, he became one of the best possible pose in the world.

  • What an accomplishment.

  • But at age 30 are you ready to close the book?

  • I don't think so.

  • And so now I just wonder if you know if the NB opportunities are closed off to him and hopefully that's not the case for Jeremy.

  • But if they are, there could be a completely new life in store for him overseas.

  • We could reinvent himself in the motive Stephon Marbury and a legend in another sense overseas.

  • That was kind of thinking is a guy with his reach, I would say, if ever there was a 30 year old guy who's phone wasn't being and clearly a roomful.

  • Huge, beautiful people are avoiding To hear him speak in the off season he has, he has opportunities anywhere.

  • In fact, there's nobody better situated for a second chapter than Jeremy Lin.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

One of my favorite developments of the n b A in the last few years is the guys are expressing vulnerability in a way they never did before.

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Jeremy Lin could become the next Stephon Marbury - Dave McMenamin | The Jump

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