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  • do you question Rudy shooting?

  • It's sustainable, All right.

  • Rudi is nine years old.

  • Let's see what kind of shots he's taking.

  • A nine year old Rudy.

  • What?

  • How will advise and reckless has Steph Curry made basketball?

  • Okay.

  • Oh, okay.

  • Opening tip.

  • He's just Oh, there you go, Rudy.

  • Close out already, please.

  • Okay.

  • Number 30.

  • Is this sustainable?

  • I don't know if this is sustainable, but I'm here to tell you something.

  • These kids need to be glad there.

  • Rudy has taken those shots because once that team learns about a little something called the pick and roll with number 54 there's gonna be a lot less pleasant playing defense against them than it is.

  • We just Rooney rated threes.

  • And yes, I could tell that is sustainable From the time we tried to clip on you Look at Rudy shoes compared to everybody else's shoes.

  • You could tell that Rudy's parents all in on this.

  • They fly footwear looking about.

  • So see, I knew Rudy was cooking.

  • It is Daddy put up some big bucks.

  • It took me two years to get some Nike clearance I got news for you know, if Rooney is allowed to play on the team in that facility against those Children.

  • He ain't good enough to have them shoes on that he got.

  • Like, if you're gonna take that step up, go somewhere where the kids out here playing for some steaks out here playing for the futures, use out here with the kids trying to stay in shape.

  • Oh, I got it.

  • Got too real for my man.

  • Rudy.

  • Cash up right now.

  • Nine years old.

  • I've seen when nine year olds I hear doing and I'm telling you, Rudy, there's a whole another level of competition.

  • If you so about it, play the game that's have a football withdrawal.

  • See?

  • No.

  • Ready.

  • Wow.

  • He still does that very well.

  • You give us something on television, we'll tell you for intrigue in the second grade basketball game somewhere.

  • Kingston Perkins.

  • Oh, thanks.

  • Tyne Perkins Is Kendrick Perkins his son?

  • Is he shaped like his father?

  • And can he jumped?

  • Let's see what we have here.

  • Yeah, it is.

  • That is second grade.

  • Oh, wow.

  • Muscle.

  • That's Let's go.

  • Let's go.

  • Full court.

  • It is.

  • Oh, yeah, yeah.

  • Young.

  • That is Daddy's pick setting ability, right?

  • Baby's asleep rocking to sleep.

  • Bomani.

  • Are you intrigued?

  • I am intrigued.

  • And, by the way, Kendrick Perkins, a mere 35 years old.

  • You thought he was a lot older than that.

  • Didn't you just tired 35.

  • Shocking, Shocking.

  • Dominique, Were you intrigued?

  • I am intrigued, but I have to bring up.

  • When Rudy was out there killing them kids, we said he need to go find some tougher competition.

  • Maybe Kingston needs to do the same.

  • I think D.

  • Wade tweeted out.

  • He needed to play up a little bit, so maybe he should go ahead and find some better competition to go but gets Rudy see what happens.

  • We explain something to you.

  • That young man is in the state of Texas.

  • It is but a matter of time before they switch him over to a different sport.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

do you question Rudy shooting?

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Kendrick Perkins' son Kenxton dominates his 2nd-grade basketball game | Highly Questionable

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