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  • Eric Pascual is a big part of the Warriors present, and he's here with us now on SportsCenter.

  • Man has been quite a week.

  • Things changed for you in the last week.

  • It's been wild.

  • Obviously.

  • Uh, just all the all the fans have been great.

  • Dubbed nations been great to me.

  • On my birthday.

  • I had a pretty big games.

  • Yeah, uh, but I mean, it's been great.

  • I mean, just all the support that I've had over the past few weeks through social media, my friends, family.

  • I know my family.

  • Very proud.

  • Yeah, So it's been great.

  • You mention that game.

  • The 34 point game on your birthday at the Chase Center gets a playoff contender.

  • Ah, the top scoring game by any rookie this season with 34 points was the plan for you to go in with all the injuries and take over, and it just kind of evolved that way.

  • I think it just went with the flow.

  • I hit my 1st 3 and then it felt good, so I shot another one, and then I shot another one after that.

  • And then teammates and coaches just kept many confidence to just keep going, keep being aggressive.

  • So I feel like that's how that that night turned out and we came out with a big one.

  • You're a college coach.

  • Jay Wright.

  • Villanova said that he was surprised with any time he needed you to step up.

  • You always stepped up, especially that Kansas game.

  • In the semifinals 2018 you had 24 points there.

  • He said he needed you to step up and you did it.

  • How much does that help you with your confidence in the NBA?

  • Um, I feel like my time of Villanova was great for me just to be in all different types of roles.

  • I mean, I've red shirted, so I didn't play one year.

  • Then the next year I came off the bench.

  • Energy Guy.

  • Next year, I was more of a leader.

  • What still was a very big energy guy in my senior agile lead and still bring energy and still do all the dirty work.

  • So I feel like being at Villanova help me out a lot, just in terms of just maturity and learning how to take different roles, Draymond Green says that's one of the things that he really respects about you, that experience from Villanova and he's been he's been very upfront in praising you.

  • You guys have a similar story in some respects second round picks and undersized power forwards known for defense, but then can play with some versatility.

  • What is your relationship with him been like so far?

  • It's been great.

  • I mean, he's just a great dude off the court and always, always have a fun always trying to bring energy on and off the court and learning from him every day's helped me a lot just because he sees the game in so many different ways.

  • He's so smart.

  • So I just tried to pick his brain, however, way I can and just keep found a learned.

  • We saw the Jersey Exchange with Donovan Mitchell after the Jazz game.

  • Ah, couple of Westchester kids who made it to the MBA here tell us about that relationship that that goes back toe.

  • We first met in church, and then I remember Keith Care was telling me about a riverside Hochschild in Harlem.

  • I walk in the gym and I see Donovan and it is so weird because we both went to the same church, didn't know we played best like either rest play basketball, walking to the gym, see him and then we've always just kept good relationship.

  • First rookie sent Steph Curry with back to back 25 point games for the Warriors futures wife Eric.

  • Passport.

  • Appreciate the time of man.

  • I appreciate it.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

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Eric Pascual is a big part of the Warriors present, and he's here with us now on SportsCenter.

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Warriors rookie Eric Paschall says Villanova helped prepare him for the NBA | SportsCenter

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