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  • everybody we love making free videos for you to watch in the Internet.

  • But we do need to get paid somehow so we can do things like eat and live.

  • That sounds important.

  • It ISS.

  • So if you guys could fill it a quick survey after the video, we would very much appreciate it.

  • You cook the like blow to Goto pod serving dot com Ford slash fight I felt the survey.

  • There might be some questions about, like, income and that sort of stuff.

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  • Dr Doom, Master of science, sorcery and his own country Doom is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel multi verse.

  • I mean, just look at him.

  • He looks like death itself.

  • But before he was king of life area, Victor von Doom was a filthy Jim Z.

  • His father was a highly intelligent doctor who died of frostbite and his mother well, she just so happened to be a satanic witch who sold her soul to the devil.

  • Poor orphan Victor was determined to master both science and magic do to honor his parents.

  • And he did.

  • By secretly combining technology and sorcery, Victor made a name for himself with a number of miraculous inventions.

  • He eventually even developed a machine designed to take him to and from hell itself to rescue his mother.

  • It blew up in his face.

  • No, like it really blew up in his face.

  • Horrified by his own image, Victor had the natural reaction of running away to the mountains and joining a group of Tibetan monks.

  • It didn't take him long to convince the monks to take him as their leader.

  • Then he put him to work, building him an awesome suit of armor to enhance his power and hide his scary face.

  • But what is Doom's tech and Magic truly capable of?

  • Find out as he takes on Dark Vader in the full episode next week.

  • But first it's time for a sneak peek of Don't under estimate Okay, one of the another battle of epic proportions, but live on stage, then come to sGC and witnessed the death of Mega 64 Protect Bitch slapped the shit out of him once and burrow.

  • And right now you can watch dinosaurs fight it out with Legos because that exists.

  • But is it good?

  • What?

  • I don't know.

  • I get so watch the video and find out.

  • Thanks for watching.

everybody we love making free videos for you to watch in the Internet.

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Doom warps into DEATH BATTLE!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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