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  • cleat Wesley Addy from somebody sports we all know about Game six Clay.

  • But they might not be a Game six.

  • Are we going to see a game five clear instead?

  • Now, uh, you're going to see me and you see me being myself and you're just going to see a resilient warrior team.

  • We've been backed our backs against the wall before with the same group.

  • I mean, even last year being down three to, obviously this little more dotting being down 31 But, um, usually when our backs against the wall responded best.

  • So hopefully on at another part.

  • Whatever legacy you want a carve out for me tomorrow.

  • Game five.

  • Play whatever, but I just want come out.

  • You know, if I compete to the best, my ability, I'll be satisfied with the results around.

  • Hey, Clay, Trista Creek, USA Today, a two part question.

  • Just going off of your comment about resiliency.

  • What do you think?

  • The biggest key to being resilient is the biggest key.

  • I think there's two of them.

  • Its focus and passion, the talent side, the skill putting the ball in the hoop.

  • I'll take care of itself, especially when we play with more passion on the other team.

  • We play with a great focus.

  • Um, that's when you see the best type of basketball, the world from us.

  • And, uh, it starts with our leaders tomorrow, including myself, and will come, will come in the arena with the right mindset.

  • And then the second part is exactly around Focus.

  • How do you?

  • We spoke with Kyle and Steve, and they particularly spoke around their adversity in their life, not around basketball.

  • And that's what keeps them focused on the president for you.

  • How do you particularly stay living moment to moment?

  • Uh, well, uh, that's a great question.

  • I just try to enjoy the journey, and it's been a very long one since, uh, we've been on this, you know, championship run, whether it was and it started way back, you know, 20 14.

  • So, um, you wish to have no one in sight, but everything that's great always comes to an end.

  • So whether that's tomorrow or four years from now, you never know.

  • That's the beauty of life.

  • So you just gotta go out and enjoy every minute you do with the group of guys you got because It's a professional sports, nothing's ever guaranteed.

  • And, um, you can, you know, look back on any professional league and see that there's so many examples in history of sport.

  • So that's what keeps me in the present moment and in the front play in killing with San Francisco Chronicle.

  • Could you just give us an update on how you felt immediately after the game how you're feeling now And what you know, you had said you would play it 80%.

  • What percent do you think you're gonna be out tomorrow night?

  • Um, I felt you know, he doesn't did not feel good after the game.

  • Oh, I mean, a little sore, but this more mentally and emotionally Just kind of sucks losing this stage, Any finals losses hard.

  • So you got to digest that.

  • But physically, I feel great.

  • Like I said, I was like, 80% the other night, so I'll be inching closer to 90 Teoh close to 200 hopefully by tomorrow.

  • And I mean, everyone's banged up out there.

  • I'm sure the Raptors got guys.

  • You feeling well, You gotta Well, you know, rely on your will and your teammates, and I'll get you get the job done.

  • Don Today on the right clay.

  • They were taking a lot of guys that Italy coach car.

  • Just say there's a chance Katie might be back.

  • My question is, what did you see in him in this days that has been away from the team, has been out, and as a player, just back from the from an injury, You missed the game.

  • How do you leave those moments in which you can?

  • You can help your team.

  • It's the hardest part about being a an athlete, of going through injuries, especially two teams playing for a championship.

  • It sucks.

  • I feel for Kevin.

  • I know what type of competitor he is, and, uh, we are obviously miss it dearly.

  • But whether it's tomorrow or Game six, we've got to do everything in our willpower toe, help get back, and if that's what a game and be patient that we got to go do that.

  • But he will be very welcome while safe that.

  • But she, uh, I think it's pretty easy to realize we obviously miss about there.

  • He's propelled us to two championships last two years, so, um, be pretty storybook if you come back and, you know, help us do the same.

  • Um, but injuries of the hardest part of sports said, It's just got to play through a head, not play through a but manage injury is tough.

  • I mean, I went through it.

  • Kevin is much more serious than all of ours, and I know how badly you want to be out there.

  • He's one of the best competitors I've ever been around, marking the third on the right.

  • Mark Schwarz, ESPN High Clay.

  • You guys were down in a similar situation in the conference final against Oklahoma City a few years back.

  • How much did that experience help you in this?

  • And what is the difference between this situation and that one?

  • Um, I mean, what I remember from that is just the same I'm feeling now.

  • It's just basketball, and you just got to go get one to start.

  • And I'm using the motivation of bringing one back to Oakland toe help.

  • You know, we feel like the City Open deserves one more game, at least, So if we want that to happen, we gotta go out.

  • Take care of is tomorrow.

  • And, um, I was also the other side 31 losing a lead.

  • So I try to reference that standpoint how I was feeling back then, You know, maybe I don't know if the Raptors air feeling this, but you feel very confident.

  • You know, all you gotta do is win one on, uh so you see both sides.

  • And how is it similar?

  • Um, I mean, both teams that O k c t Man, this Raptors team are very similar as far as their length, athleticism, star power.

  • And, uh, yeah, I just got to take it one game at a time.

cleat Wesley Addy from somebody sports we all know about Game six Clay.

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