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  • I know that you watch the television show Janet, Kobe and listen to the podcast challenge Kobe every day.

  • So you know that Devante Graham is my guy.

  • De Bata Graham is my guy, and he's starting to blow up a little bit.

  • He blew up last night 4 40 points in the Hornets win over the Nets.

  • Now, most people literally might even be MBA fans do not know exactly who this guy is, but he has put the league on notice.

  • He is my early pick for Most Improved Player.

  • Do you think Devante Graham will be a household name?

  • Let's say in the next month or so in the next month.

  • I think now, like now, after his last game, people should know who he is.

  • And I'm really disappointing you because you like Devante Graham is my guy.

  • My state Devante Grimm is my man.

  • Devante Grant is my man.

  • You got to stay on rhythm.

  • You know, I'm gonna always take you for that, but I've got some of those from a storage center.

  • I know you don't have notes for this show.

  • I want to tell you something about Devante Graham.

  • For those who don't know right now.

  • Number two in made threes in the NBA, obviously, behind James Harden, right?

  • James Harden has made 117 3 so far this season.

  • Devante Graham has made 103.

  • Now James has shot 335 threes.

  • To get those 117.

  • Davante has only shot 240.

  • He is, Ah, sniper.

  • He's He has got a game winner against the Knicks like he's playing so well.

  • Like he's legitimately might be an All Star.

  • I really think he might be in.

  • Also, take a look at what he did in the month of December.

  • Just this just the month of December load.

  • I know that we're not that far into it, but he looked 26 points a game, five threes a game, eight assists a game like he tied with LeBron James.

  • It's nixed in points per game.

  • That's what Devante Graham has been doing while the Hornets.

  • I don't think they're going to exactly make a run at a championship.

  • They've found something in this young man, Devante Graham.

  • Look, let me tell you something.

  • If your name is in the same category as a James Harden and making threes and LeBron James and points per game.

  • We should be talking about you.

  • So he rough.

  • He absolutely deserves a shine now.

  • The only thing here, though, is that I feel like Devante Graham.

  • It's sort of like when you're in Charlotte and you're in that vortex.

  • It's hard to be seen, but he's really obviously stood out.

  • So I'm very, very pleased of my man.

  • Devante, my guy.

  • Devante Graham, My Vonta Graham.

  • Oh, by the way, the Hornets, though.

  • Wait, hold on the Hornet.

  • So I think the only way that he could really be in All Stars if they're sort of in that top eight position and they have the same amount of winds as the magic in the the A flat.

  • So if they can stay around there may be your guy will be a baby.

  • Maybe he's about to be every this guy's suit.

  • He's playing that well.

  • Thanks so much for watching ESPN on YouTube from, or sports analysis and highlights.

I know that you watch the television show Janet, Kobe and listen to the podcast challenge Kobe every day.

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Devonte' Graham might be an All-Star this season for the Hornets - David Jacoby | Jalen & Jacoby

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