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  • the Blazers not having as much fun in Oakland as those people out on the boats.

  • But do you think, Richard, you've been in those Siri's.

  • You have been in this building, as you just said just during the break with that look on your on your face and so on.

  • Some of the Blazers faces last night.

  • When you lose by 22 is it almost that you can just wipe, wipe the slate clean and go?

  • Is, Is there a reason for optimism here?

  • Yeah, and you can.

  • You can have that look.

  • The Blazers have had some, you know, some Goodwin's bad losses in the postseason, but they've always recovered it.

  • Yes, you're not playing against the Golden State where you weren't playing against Gold State Warriors prior that, but right now they have so much more than they can improve on.

  • Dame didn't shoot the ball well.

  • They turned the ball over.

  • There was a lot of different than everyone knows universally in all of basketball that that was probably not the best defense to play, so they'll tweak.

  • Some things will go into, and everyone always says the team that loses in Game one has the advantage because they're gonna go in and make the adjustments and tweak things.

  • Blazers coach Terry Stotts was a little bit defiant about his defense of strategy because he said, Look, we're only down six Going to the fourth quarter despite having a terrible offensive game where Dame couldn't hit anything, was turning the ball over.

  • He had the most turnovers in the first half of any playoff game in his career last night.

  • So the fourth quarter, well, they got loose.

  • Clay had a big fourth and they give 39 points for the Blazers.

  • Felt like they were able to stay close for those 3/4 and they're gonna build on that.

  • But the end of the day, they really need Dame to be dame.

  • And if this if this is a hamstring issue of the fatigue issue, I don't know.

  • But if Dame gets back to being the guy he was early in the series, you're in the early in the playoffs.

  • Don't argue with you, Richard.

  • I do not think that the team that loses Game one is in the best position.

  • I think the team that wins Game one is in the best position I'm just saying I do want to switch over to the other Siri's because Milwaukee it's going to take the Raptors on in Game one of the Eastern Conference finals to night.

  • All right, The Raptors led by Quite Leonard.

  • He's already had 7 30 point games this postseason.

  • History says the winner of Game one of the conference finals has gone on to win the Siri's.

  • This is why I made this point 78% of the time.

  • Richard Jefferson.

  • That's it.

  • Who do you trust more?

  • Milwaukee at home or Toronto on the road?

  • What do you think?

  • I trust Milwaukee, and it's really because of the way their team is right.

  • We've seen those conversations with, you know, with the Raptors of like, Hey, we need to do more.

  • We need to help Kawai morning took with 38 shots in game in Game seven, where I think the Bucks team is.

  • Yes, John is is their focal point.

  • But if you're honest, is struggling or has an off night, there's more guys around him that I believe can help him.

  • So I'm going to go with the bucks and they've been the best team all season long, and I think this nothing's gonna change.

  • So look, I think of the Bucks get ahead early in this game.

  • They'll stay ahead and you will be in a comfortable position, especially at home.

  • If this game is tight late in the game, the advantage switched to the Raptors.

  • I know that everybody is talking about Oh boy, was nobody but Kawai shooting.

  • Guess what else was happening.

  • They had a demon bench of a bunch of defensive players on that court the end of that game, And that is something that the Bucks sometimes struggle with at the end of the day.

  • Hawaii is a better guidance to create in the half court.

  • Then the honest is honest has not perfected that yet.

  • So if I am the Raptors, I want to make this a game with six minutes to play, get me to six minutes.

  • Everyone should be their strategy of all the games in Milwaukee.

  • Raptors record in game ones.

  • Where does it stand right now?

  • Do it in my can.

  • You do it.

  • Your head like to wander into 1 to 100.

the Blazers not having as much fun in Oakland as those people out on the boats.

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