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  • he was Scott Perry GM with the New York Knicks.

  • Big pick at number three with R.

  • J.

  • Barrett.

  • Um, what do you like about him?

  • Are you excited about being old?

  • Atlanta, You mentioned we extremely excited Teoh have RJ joining the New York Knicks.

  • Fierce competitors.

  • Ah, highly driven individual, very accomplished basketball player, you know, played tremendously.

  • Azat.

  • Ah, freshman player Duke.

  • This season, one of the leaders on that basketball team has a lot of winning in his background a day, every level and again.

  • We think he really fits the culture here in New York, and he's another young player that we're adding.

  • The toe admits that we're going to develop to keep getting better and keep getting this franchise better.

  • This is how you've planned toe to rebuild this team through the draft album.

  • Important of a night was tonight to get a player like him.

  • Very important.

  • You know, any time you can get a young man that you know projected to become a starter in this league, I think that's a that's a plus on again.

  • His mentality is the type of mentality that we aspired to have as a basketball team so we think he'll be one of the individuals That helps us set that type of approach to the game.

  • That tough, fierce, competitive approach team is willing to defend.

  • Get up and down the basketball floor and be very versatile because I think he brings ah lot of versatility of the basketball floor.

  • How much action did you get people wanting this pick?

  • A lot of people were excited by the top three of this draft.

  • How many phone calls did you take?

  • We took a few, but way stood the course because again, we we believe the in our board, and we believed that we would have a chance to get a very good basketball player once we knew we landed in the top three in the lottery.

  • So we're happy we stayed there were happy we have RJ coming to join us in about 10 days.

  • You have the most salary cap space available in the NBA.

  • What is your outlook for what you think you could accomplish with that space?

  • Well, we got a a draft to finish tonight before we turn attention too much on the free agency.

  • But again, we have an opportunity to continue to build this team this summer and we'll see whether summer takes us.

  • But again, we're very comfortable in building the way we've talked about from the very beginning, and Steve meals brought me here on board to join him.

  • We wanna build through the draft.

  • We want to develop young players and be opportunistic and free agency, and we'll see how opportunistic we happen to be this summer.

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he was Scott Perry GM with the New York Knicks.

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New York Knicks GM ‘extremely excited’ to draft RJ Barrett | 2019 NBA Draft

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