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  • Malcolm Brogdon signing 16 years, $85 million with Indiana Pacers.

  • And in the absolute theme thing, this is not a restricted free agent deal.

  • This is an agreed to sign and trade with the Bucks.

  • There, according towards they're going to send a first round pick in a couple of second round picks to Milwaukee.

  • This is Milwaukee saying we've committed to Chris Middleton.

  • 175 million.

  • We've committed to Brook Lopez.

  • 52 million.

  • They're not ready to pay Malcolm Broad than 85 million.

  • They could have, but they would have gone deep into the tax.

  • And there's a secondary move that happens here.

  • Ricky Rubio, who was lined up to go to Indiana instead.

  • I will not sign there and one said Sign with Phoenix, according to the athletic, for 51 million over three years, which is a huge number for Ricky Rubio that I was expecting that big of a number for him.

  • But also Jeremy Lamb is going to sign with with Indiana Pacers, the Pacers making a couple of big moves here, really reshaping their team and getting a guy of Malcolm Brogdon, who is a 50 40 91 of those rare players 50% 50% from the field, 40% from 3 90 from the foul line.

  • They now he will be that one of their franchise players alongside Victor Oladipo, committing a huge amount of money to him.

  • For a guy who's had foot injuries in the past and Milwaukee just like facilitating and agreeing to it moving on right out of the gates here, that was what fascinates me.

  • And I mean, I just wanted like when Malcolm Broxham wasn't playing for part of these playoffs, you could see on the court the effect it had on Milwaukee.

  • We know that Milwaukee is sort of on the clock, the way the New Orleans Pelicans were with Anthony Davis.

  • Now, this is what happens now that we are in free agency right now for this season.

  • That puts Milwaukee formally on that one near clock of saying, Hey, you have a year now to prove it to Young assented to Campo that he should sign a Supermax next summer, and we thought, Hey, they would go into that luxury tax deep because they wanted to build the best team around him.

  • Now there was question marks about.

  • If you commit all of that, are you leaving yourself with the flexibility you would need to prove it to you?

  • Honest as we go, what do you think?

  • This Malcolm Brogdon move in?

  • The fact that Milwaukee participated in it says, Well, I mean, it says, First of all, even though they got good return, they sent him to a division rival.

  • And Indiana was already when all the depots healthy.

  • They're a good team Now.

  • You talk about broaden and deepen your backcourt.

  • That's one of the best defensive backcourt in the league right there.

  • They got great shooting out of both those positions.

  • And remember they added T.

  • J.

  • Warren and the number 30 to pick from the draft when the table.

  • Phoenix.

  • So now it's one thing to say we got good return for him, But you just made a team that was already a pest into something a lot scarier.

  • And that's really that.

  • That's where you have to start to look at yourself in the mirror.

  • What we talked about Philadelphia, right, because you know Toronto's a chance is gonna be weakened of quiet leaves.

  • We know Boston's weaker.

  • We know the Knicks are whatever we know that I am sorry.

  • I have to wait.

  • No, The Nets are a year away from being who they really are.

  • The East is open now, and now you want to start cutting calls and countless.

  • Is that what we think it IHS?

  • Or do we think that Milwaukee decided this is the smarter move for them to compete?

  • So he's had a history of foot A shoes and you know, your own players medical better than anyone.

  • Usually when you're gonna invest in a long term deal, it's gonna be with the younger player, right?

  • They're investing in the older players here, so they let him go.

  • And that's a nice replacement for Indiana, for Bogdanovich is going to Utah.

  • But what?

  • It also Phoenix Spending all that money on a point guard by eight point guard about time.

  • What does that take Phoenix out of the D'Angelo Russell conversation?

  • Pretty much.

  • I mean, nothing's impossible.

  • Pretty much.

  • I would just say that the Nets have built a very impressive roster in the last 25 minutes.

  • Pacers.

  • Amazing how they The Pacers have done a really nice job retrofitting their team despite losing a couple of key players.

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Malcolm Brogdon signing 16 years, $85 million with Indiana Pacers.

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Malcolm Brogdon to be traded from Bucks to Pacers, sign $85 million deal | The Jump

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