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  • Kari champion also sat down with Clay Thompson at the call of duty.

  • Modern warfare multi player reveal in L.

  • A.

  • She asked him about the people who claimed the Warriors dynasty is over.

  • Take a listen to his response.

  • I think that's a little premature.

  • Say there's no more dynasty.

  • I mean, we still have Steph Curry a two time everybody dream all green and defensive play of the year, adding D'Angelo, Russell was an incredible get for us.

  • I mean, the kids gonna Boston a superstar in this league and to say the dynasty is over, I think is a little ignorant because I think I'm gonna come back 110%.

  • I think I'm come back even better and more athletic, and I would just not.

  • It would not be smart to count the dubs out, that's all.

  • Tell people.

  • So what do you think of Clay?

  • Swag place Wag has been on the rise in the last couple of years on I'm like every interview he's done in the last few years makes me laugh.

  • But yeah, I'm there.

  • I'm with it on like the warriors have been to Force three final.

  • If I have been there.

  • Three finals like And I think that this is a team that they're going into this new arena.

  • They're gonna have a chip on their shoulder.

  • Another Kevin left.

  • They're gonna want to prove that Draymond green potentially in a contract year.

  • Hey, depending on if he gets his extension done this summer or if they wait Clay wanting to justify that new context of wanting to prove that he's taken you old stuff even without Kevin Durant, they have a lot to prove, and I like I wouldn't count them out.

  • Now, we haven't talked about the loss of Andre Iguodala, who I think is vitally important to what that team did in their success, and I think there was.

  • I mean, in some ways, there was more sadness that week that they lost Andre.

  • Then when Kevin lost that when we Kevin Durant left, But, um, he was more of a playoff player at this stage in his career, he was a guy who really delivers laugh.

  • So in the regular season, my cat in the worries that Clay Thompson is the best I could listen to him talk and just have a smile on my face all the time.

  • Problem is that he won't be will bring all that Genesis Aquatic onto the court.

  • Until what March?

  • February?

  • Yeah, February the earliest.

  • Probably.

  • That's the problem I have with this name.

  • Not that I don't believe in their personnel.

  • You don't think they could make a a search at the end?

  • Even if they're just like, if they're at least within striking this, of course they got or they could be, you know, kind of in a tough spot.

  • At that point, it could be the sabbatical year, right?

  • I'm going with the former over the latter.

  • I just I buy into him with Momo on that and finally, bigger threat in the West, the Jazz or the Nuggets.

  • Ramona, You first.

  • This one's tough.

  • I'm gonna go Denver.

  • I just think they were right there.

  • And this is the general.

  • This is usually the trajectory of a good young team is you have the year that you missed the playoffs and you regret it.

  • You get into the playoffs, you get all the way.

  • There probably should have won that Syria's.

  • They had some miscues down the stretch of a couple of games.

  • There right there, and now they've when they see what it's like to lose, this is their time to winners.

  • I fear them.

  • One.

  • Dave, Utah.

  • I just love the roster composition.

  • I love that they have someone like Rudy Gobert, who truly can affect team single handedly on the defensive, back to back defensive player of the year, out of a Mitchell going create his own shot.

  • Even when defense is in the playoffs, are doing everything they can to take away first and second option.

  • He just has the ability to create 1/3 option and then just in crunch time.

  • And I think Jamal Mary is a nice young player and he had a good postseason run last year.

  • Mike Conley is the guy I want organizing my team, making big time decisions with all that pressure on his shoulders.

  • And it also like insiders, a coach.

  • I just I think Utah is primed to make a deep postseason.

  • Yeah, so I'm with you, Dave.

  • As faras the ultimate decision here.

  • I think Denver is like the one seed in the regular season, but I think Utah is built for the postseason.

  • For all the reasons you illustrated and let's not forget a guy like boy on Bogdanovich who they added.

  • I mean, this guy clearly is a good offensive player, but he competes on defense to They've always been here over the last couple of years, one of the better, if not the best defensive teams in the league.

  • And I think they will be that kind of moving forward.

  • Joe Ingles is a good, complementary player.

  • They've got good, complimentary pieces on this roster as well.

  • And I think we see the ascension of Donovan Mitchell now now that he's got a A couple of running mates, particularly Conley and Bogdanovich, who can kind of take the pressure off of him offensively.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

Kari champion also sat down with Clay Thompson at the call of duty.

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