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  • Let's talk about Paul.

  • George made his Clippers debut last night.

  • Really effective man.

  • Just fun to watch him score.

  • The basketball again dropped 33 points in just 24 minutes of action against the Pelicans.

  • Not a strong on defense.

  • The Clippers lost, so I didn't play.

  • But what were your takeaways from P.

  • G's debut?

  • I was very impressed, although we all know that when you play against the pelicans you could go for your career night because they suck on the defense.

  • They go is true stories.

  • Thanks, but and I was impressed with PG.

  • I mean, when you sit out this long away from the game of basketball, it takes time.

  • And for him to come in last night and put on this type of performance, I was very impressed.

  • You know what this disposed by?

  • You know what this told me last night?

  • It says that while he was hurt, he worked his tail off.

  • That means he stayed in the lab.

  • That means he was making sure he was getting his shots of working it, working on the court with his coaches, and he put in the work and they paid off.

  • I was very impressed by this performance last night.

  • Yeah, he was out of sorts defensively.

  • He was not quite in the rotations.

  • He was little while his heels a bit defensively.

  • And you know, he hasn't been working with the starters in practice.

  • Stock didn't want to do that because he didn't want to set him back, which was interesting.

  • But I think that is going to contribute to a slower start.

  • The Clippers do have a weakness that I've seen over the first couple of weeks, and that is offensively.

  • They don't have creators.

  • They've been really relying on Kowa and Lou Williams.

  • You look down their roster, they have offensive specialists, don't have creators, getting Paul George back and getting Paul George, who was the die dynamic shooter, that he was last in Oklahoma City, which he definitely showed out of the gates last night.

  • That is very exciting.

  • I know Paul George will come around defensively.

  • I was very encouraged and could he have played before last night?

  • Probably They had the luxury of going slow because they know what kind of team they have and I think that going slow will pay off as he goes into this transition.

  • Remember that he had both shoulders like hanging by a thread for the last few months of last season and played through played through all of that.

  • So he hasn't really been right.

  • We're been himself in months.

  • We saw it with the M V P race.

  • He was he was cooking and then basically dropped off when he had the shoulder issues.

  • So it's gonna take a little time to get back to it.

  • But 33 points is a nice way to work yourself back in.

  • Congratulations, a long road.

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Let's talk about Paul.

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