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  • Welcome back to the job.

  • It has still happen here at NB Summer League in Las Vegas.

  • Rachel Nichols, Vince Carter.

  • Amino hasn't.

  • And look who's joined the set.

  • Spencer Dinwiddie in the house.

  • Now the last 24 hours it's been Oh my God!

  • Clippers, Clippers, Clippers.

  • But for the 1st 24 hours of free agency was Oh my God, that's nest!

  • How did you get Katie and Kyrie Irving to come join you?

  • Because this team is going to be off.

  • That that again assumes that I recruited him like you were on national television right now.

  • Look what credit think, Kyrie.

  • Katie have a beautiful friendship and you know that led to them teaming up.

  • And I'm glad they picked Burke set.

  • Why do you think that you guys were able to step ahead in that process?

  • Because for months, chatter was the next.

  • The next.

  • The next.

  • And look, the Knicks have the building.

  • MSG.

  • They've got more of the history than, say, the Brooklyn Nets dio.

  • Why do you think that you guys, in the end, we're the more attractive franchise.

  • Like Kenny, He's a players coach.

  • He's a family first, g m E I think we have a great culture.

  • I think our young core is pretty big time Ever had a great playoff series jet?

  • I believe one day we'll be all star.

  • And when you look a people to pair with, they were more ready.

  • Made to be a championship caliber team.

  • When those two guys joined joined the fray.

  • So you were not Loki about it.

  • Did you guys see what Spencer did on Twitter?

  • Right?

  • Because so first you took a shot at all the Knicks fans who have been telling you all season.

  • Oh, come on, We're getting tidy and Kyrie, right?

  • You were like Knicks fans.

  • I do not forget about you.

  • And you had the Burning Elmo, which I think is is really one of my favorite things ever right.

  • And also this everyone you said I shouldn't sign the extension.

  • Get out of my mansions.

  • On the Alamo, though, is fine.

  • Set body mst, baby.

  • That's good, because you are God well played out.

  • So you played in Detroit And so you become Mr Net in terms of really singing the praises of the culture, which I gotta assume is at least part of the reason why those guys had to come to Brooklyn not because of you, but because of the culture.

  • Tell the the world put in your own words.

  • What is Brooklyn Nets culture about, man?

  • I mean, around the league, sometimes, you know, it really feels like a job.

  • You know, in some places you get you know, it's Ah, it's a joy to goto work sometimes sometimes not a joy to go to work and everybody around.

  • You know, the country has a job, you know?

  • So when you literally enjoy the people that you're around, it brightens your day.

  • It makes you want to be there, makes you play that much harder, work that much harder.

  • And I think at the base level of everything that we have is that type of feeling.

  • It literally is a joy to go to work, you know, toe, go to battle with and for Kenny, and you feel like Sean has your back perspective.

  • So I mean, that's really what I think, the base of the foundation of all of it.

  • Really.

Welcome back to the job.

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Spencer Dinwiddie talks KD-Kyrie to the Nets, flames Knicks fans | The Jump

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