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  • Golden State wins this game in Houston.

  • Tim Legler alongside and you're shrugging.

  • Help me out, big fella.

  • You're great at helping me learn.

  • What can you teach me?

  • You know, I should have known better.

  • I should have known better.

  • I really should have me, of all people.

  • Shooter, a shooter, a guy that you know has seen Steph Curry.

  • What he's done over the years that's redefined with where great shooting is should have known better, man.

  • But this was as good as it gets for a guy to do this after the first half that he had and the road, no points.

  • And I'm saying at the time, you know, is he gonna be able to get it going?

  • Cause foul trouble makes a tentative as well.

  • Scott, I think these are the two biggest possessions in the game.

  • Here's the 1st 1 This is critical because both teams win about two minutes without a quality shot.

  • Two point game and look at what happens here.

  • This is Chris Paul, flat out taken a peek at the basketball.

  • That's the only reason that this happens and Steph Curry reads it, and it's just enough space to come here and get this dribble handoff.

  • They get a decent contest.

  • But if Chris Paul is locked in the courage chest, he doesn't get this shot.

  • The nerve to take it falls down call, doesn't get it and shouldn't have.

  • And now this one is beautiful because clay times to deserve some love.

  • But this is also warriors brand.

  • This takes us back a few years.

  • This is the war, years after fest.

  • And again it starts with the greatness of Steph Curry and it starts right here.

  • He takes two great players occupy and they were doubling everything they could to try to prevent curry from getting his exactly right.

  • At this point, he made a couple deepens there.

  • It's not going to be him.

  • They're saying Ball is going to come to Draymond Green.

  • What a game he had, by the way, as a facilitator, this is the warrior way.

  • This is what reminds me up.

  • So now he's going to drive hard and he is going to make guys in weeks.

  • I'd make a decision.

  • Here's what happens.

  • Chain reaction click.

  • Appellate comes up, James Heart drops down to chip and that means this guy's gotta play to on the weak side.

  • Draymond Green gets it in the middle.

  • He goes corner, Chris Paul's gonna run to the ball, and that means there's one more pass.

  • It ends up.

  • Dagger.

  • Three.

  • Clay Thompson lights out, building out.

  • Have a good night.

  • Have a good offseason.

  • I still speeches about what I just saw The Steph Curry, To be honest, because I have time.

  • Three fouls, no points, no rhythm.

  • Your tentative to drive when you have three.

  • You tentative to guard anybody when you have three and he comes out has the highest scoring half of his career, and that's the That's the hockey assist.

  • There we have the beautiful Golden State game Bing bang boom, and it ends up in the hands of of clay who buries his in the end.

  • Let me It doesn't matter what it says.

Golden State wins this game in Houston.

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You can never doubt Steph Curry - Tim Legler | SC with SVP

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