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  • It's way for change, Not something different.

  • Home protected.

  • Toronto.

  • What you gonna you gonna handle?

  • Drink?

  • It was so hard.

  • What kind of feedback you've gotten from either for media, whatever our friends and family.

  • About kind of the new Draymond on the same, you know, on the side.

  • Just, you know, but trying to no better, right?

  • A lot of people have been happy and excited about it.

  • What about your mom?

  • No.

  • Oh, no.

  • She's glad she happy overheard on the phone booth.

  • What's work celebrating like And how vital has he been to this entire operation?

  • Very smart.

  • Very good.

  • A lot of with these and whether recovery in between games get those things right, conditioning program that they brought more functional things, that they had it incredible work, that he's going to get guys healthy thing I like most about him, is God doesn't think you guys on acid and he relies on a lot a great team together, straight to have medical training.

  • What a great group.

  • Together they lean on each other.

  • I think that's a special walking room.

  • Knows to know more by What do you say is we're going on and tell us about something you're talking back for with the rest of the guys when they get there, What they think collected coming out with No, no what you don't know.

  • And it's not necessarily that he doesn't know something, but just like especially someone like that on the entire team in a lot of time.

  • No, it is experience with Steve Nash that kind of just give him even more credibility, knowing what he did for Steve in his career way, a liver a day.

  • People don't really care what you do before history.

  • Don't really matter to a lot of wait coming.

  • Greatest Wasin came out over courses career by body.

  • Great, But you know all that for nothing.

  • Rick doesn't come here and do the things that he's done, which has obviously been a success.

  • But you come in and work with Steve what he wanted.

  • It doesn't come in.

  • No, no one has come here and going to a special dress parallel weighing in a playoff career in college, you elevate your game in turn into what has been able to kind of click into another year like that.

  • Oh, I don't know.

  • Some people just have that less than thankful our minds.

  • I've always been there, though.

  • That mentality there, yes and no first year this in terminals, Always like that.

  • It started that way.

  • I know.

  • I remember my 1st 1 It's like somebody had, like, my love like I didn't like seven weeks you want?

  • It was like, Wow, like somebody took.

  • That's kind of spoke.

  • Guys going career make Take that.

  • Give everything I got reaction.

  • Defensive.

  • What?

  • You're actually you're spot on the second team.

  • Three seconds to deal good defenders on people.

  • Second teams first, that line of not having having available for the start of the finals affect your life.

  • I think I got to keep the same month so that I've had comes out.

  • Just continue to stay aggressive.

  • Teoh.

  • Push the pace.

  • Try to make place one more way already started with How does your role on offense type of play level player.

  • How's your role on offense changed beyond screening?

  • I got the ball a lot more, a lot more, looking to score a lot more, Be a much more sensible.

  • I think, you know, I like to push the tempo, trying to make up 37 points were coming in and out.

  • We're not going to make that up Walking up the court way, got someone that we could get to, like ever.

  • Don't make it up that way.

  • You got to find different ways to make it up, do my job, pushing the tempo, Make sure we could.

  • Actually, possessions were playing out of place.

  • That's the best way.

It's way for change, Not something different.

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