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  • right out of the gate.

  • What do you make of this deal?

  • I love it personally.

  • I mean, I think it puts a Houston right back in the mix.

  • We all know that James Harden was a top two.

  • M v P candidate was the M V P last season, not the one that just passed.

  • We know what he brings to the table in a relationship with him, and Chris Paul wasn't ideal at the end.

  • In the end, United, you had two individuals that didn't seem to want to play with one another.

  • Chris Paul clearly wanted out, even though he didn't want to say that publicly, it was time for him to move one and James Harden, what's gonna have a problem with that at all?

  • Having said all of that, James Harden reunited.

  • What?

  • Russell Westbrook makes them incredibly formidable.

  • We understand that Russell Westbrook done hasn't looked the way that we're accustomed to seeing him look.

  • But he's fresh off the three consecutive years of averaging a triple double, even though lash each out honorific 65% for the free throw line according to his standards and a shot 29% from three point range over the last two years.

  • He's still an unstoppable force.

  • One on one.

  • He can't be got it.

  • He's bigger.

  • He's stronger and faster than Chris Paul, not to mention a little bit younger as well.

  • And so you take that into consideration, along with the fact that his relationship with James Harden is pretty close because their former teammates in Oklahoma City and then you consider what they still have in tow, Whether it's a guy like an Eric Gordon and others with Clint Capela, Houston obviously is in the mix yet again.

  • This is a move that had to be made.

  • I have no problem with Houston making it whatsoever.

  • I think from a talent perspective, it puts them right back, entitled Contention Picture.

  • My only question mark is whether or not Mike D'Antoni can coach them on that level.

  • We know he can win regular season games.

  • We know he could win a couple of playoff series, but it can.

  • He coached them, the man in the manner that they need to be coached to get them over the hump.

  • That's the lone question mark about the Houston Rockets.

  • After this deal, I see no other question marks that think you took us right to our second question?

  • How do they co exist on the court particular When both of them, I usually like to be the number one option.

  • The guy who has the ball most of the time.

  • What is this?

  • James Harden's team and James Harden is a better perimeter shooter, then Russell Westbrook.

  • So you take that into consideration, along with the six years of excellence that James Harden has registered for the Houston Rockets.

  • And there is no question that Russell Westbrook is coming to James Harden's team.

  • He's not coming to take over the Houston Rockets, but that's not gonna be a challenge for him because he doesn't have a pilot with it because they're boys.

  • They're pretty tight.

  • They used to play with one another.

  • It was Russell Westbrook.

  • Stephen.

  • Okay, see in his eyes.

  • Not Kevin Durant, but him.

  • But in Houston, it's clearly James Harden.

  • So, really, this comes down to Mike D'Antoni.

  • Hiss System predicts that, you know, it predicated you being able to hit perimeter shots, making sure you push the ball up the floor at all times, even willing to sacrifice some defensive possessions from time to time.

  • But there's a different ownership in place until mid Fatiha.

  • He's not going toe, tolerate much.

  • That's why Chris Paul is going because this man has expectations.

  • He wants to win the championship.

  • And he knew that getting this move, I was going to get them closer to that.

  • In the case of Chris Paul, that wasn't going to happen.

  • That's why he's going.

  • Russell Westbrook is there, there, back in title contention, But I don't think there's any question about their offense, and I don't think there's any question about their talent.

  • The question now is whether Mike D'Antoni, who's a pretty damn good coach, can get them over the hump, which is something he wasn't able to do in Phoenix, New York L.

  • A and thus far, Houston.

  • We'll see if he could pull it off.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN or YouTube.

right out of the gate.

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The Rockets are still James Harden's team after Russell Westbrook trade - Stephen A. | SportsCenter

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