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  • coach Greenberg year back, and we're talking about the Warriors.

  • They're on their way to their fifth straight n b A Finals.

  • However, they got here a little differently because head coach Steve Kerr has had to manage his players a little bit differently because of all the injuries.

  • So how do you assess the job he's done this season?

  • Is the best coach in the NBA.

  • He's an incredible communicator, his ability to hold guys accountable, his ability to adjust on the fly, his boogie playing.

  • Isn't he playing?

  • He comes into the middle of season number of injuries that had to deal with.

  • Think about the Houston Siri's.

  • They didn't They weren't strength in numbers.

  • They played a short bench but then went to Portland.

  • They opened up in.

  • The most important thing is when he calls upon a guy they are ready to play.

  • That's a mutual respect.

  • He's not a good coach.

  • He's a great coach, not a guy on the other end, right?

  • It's taken him 27 years to become an overnight sensation.

  • This Nunik ners he's coached all over the world.

  • Huge in your hay is being in Europe, and I tell you what when you're coaching in Europe, are you have to do a little bit of everything.

  • Not only have two women, everything, but sometimes because off financial situations, in terms of lobster, you've got to be flex me.

  • He's an offensive survive you.

  • So the defensive game plan and check out where he's been.

  • Bright legend, big and bright Bears, nose go done about it, you know, the London Towers, London Towers.

  • I mean, you gotta understand in Manchester Giants, but like by his journey, you've got understand with his journey, he's learned his chart.

  • He's learned to be flexible.

  • He's going to be a good communicator.

  • He's learned to kind of understand how to put guys in positions to play to their strengths, because when you coach overseas money is the biggest issue.

  • If you don't have the money to sign the best players, you've got to find a figure out, a way to win with the lineup.

  • You have offensive savant, great communicator, and you see what they've done offensively coming out of timeouts, how he's attacked matchups, how he's used Kawai.

  • The guy's a brilliant coach.

  • Now he's up against the juggernaut that is the Golden State Warriors.

  • Kevin Durant averages nearly 41 points in the two matchups so far this season.

  • Don't know necessarily if he's gonna be good or not for Game one, and a lot of people sort of writing the Raptors off because it is The Warriors, however helpless, maybe change their mind and tell us why the Raptors might have a chance.

  • Because what Leonard is playing like a Michael Jordan or Jordan esque his ability not only score, but to make others better.

  • His poise is patience is understanding of playing, winning basket.

  • He's got a championship pedigree draw two defenders, kick it out, trusting God.

  • So that was Gasol's first basket.

  • He didn't score in first and see the Carter make the past.

  • Look how patient easier draw two defenders.

  • He puts his eyes under in.

  • He makes the right play.

  • He is never forced, by the way.

  • Let him hit a big take.

  • A big shot from the right corner usually gets the most times.

  • He gets a good bounce, big shot maker, big playmaker and championship pedigree Warriors for no in Game one of the N B A Finals.

  • But all of those were at home.

coach Greenberg year back, and we're talking about the Warriors.

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Kawhi Leonard is playing Michael 'Jordan-esque' - Seth Greenberg | SportsCenter

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