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  • your favorite sports movie.

  • Whoa, whoa!

  • Wait, Are we doing categories where every foremost Jalen You know, I don't watch a lot of Charles de O Falls.

  • The one seen everything may go with probably gonna laugh like you always do.

  • I might go with above the room.

  • Oh, never Every minute break just rocked the sweater.

  • That pot handle, right?

  • Other day every I love every minute to really hard.

  • This is not fair because one of months there's drama, sports, movies.

  • There's comedy, sports movies.

  • Okay, what's yours?

  • Way to go.

  • Watch that.

  • At least I heard your time.

  • One last dragon like E.

  • That was a college, right?

  • That was a competition.

  • Now you can tell that now and stuff like that.

  • You can't tell ya to watch karate kid watching 100 time.

  • I ready for this when I was out.

  • That's what Bruce Lee was at his high.

  • People forgive.

  • You can't tell me it was a school thinking you could heal something that was hard.

  • You're saying that then?

  • Golf is not a sport with Caddyshack sports movies.

  • Mind if I if I had to?

  • I say bolder.

  • Everybody saw that.

  • It's not one of most famous.

  • What kind of sport?

  • What is it?

  • I believe in the small moons back.

  • I believe you anyway.

  • What is what?

  • Baseball's minor league I never saw that he's that attractive nuclear picture was never picture way eyes.

  • You have seen Boulder.

  • I don't feel Tim Robbins.

  • He's the up and coming.

  • That was ground hog.

  • I would you say, is your favorite.

  • I need to see No, no, no, that's very once you have a room.

  • No classic, you know, because the only when you're talking back Oh, classic.

  • But why nobody mentioned Rocky?

  • What about that one?

  • Did you guys love that one class above Got white men can't jump.

  • I remember.

  • See, that's what Oh, I cry that every every so many man, you know, Train saw the most of any given Sunday.

  • Jamie Foxx threw up about that car.

  • Have seen your paper sports movies in the bottom.

your favorite sports movie.

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Chauncey had never heard of Beadle's favorite sports movie | Off the Clock

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