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  • a month of November begins for the with a big Sunday night matchup in Miami against the NBA's highest scoring first shots.

  • They push tempo for Butler.

  • Three second triple season for Jimmy Butler's Your Waist, where he can't leave early.

  • He's got to do a lot of work trying to block out Bam on a BIOS.

  • A super active offensive rebound open.

  • Three.

  • It's good with their leads.

  • He finds people trying to this early take off.

  • 17 for lead.

  • A channel run.

  • They looked into it.

  • He comes done against Harden here on the turn from Austin Rivers Defending Jimmy Butler.

  • Slips by.

  • Rivers sets up players, coaches and officials for his first score of the season.

  • 42 The opening quarter.

  • Leonard for through would start game for him.

  • Rivers hero.

  • Hero has helped three on one break trailer.

  • Butler straight away on Rivers.

  • Anticipates.

  • Gets his hand in there, and it's a two on one situation.

  • Then it's a three on one great vision.

  • Finding Jimmy Butler on the trail and one opportunity for the here's drug has heard about the rookie Chris Clothe Rockets, 22 during trackage, a cutting board drug for dragging his first scored again, maybe resting some of his front line.

  • Robinson triples 1st 19 assists.

  • Only three turnovers in the first half, and you see what it's done for the band.

  • 15 for Butler.

  • Bottom Bio continues to impress on a full run.

  • Put it up there.

  • Nice and soft.

  • Jimmy Butler had a step on Capella that was able to catch and finish that high percentage.

  • Score.

  • Jimmy Saint.

  • Thank you pieces.

  • That second American, one second off the shot clock on the offensive rebound.

  • Juicy brother just put a shoulder in the harden and score on the drive.

  • Here comes it's Pam through the defense for the school with six points for Miami ahead 73 to 47.

  • Dunkin Rabbits from Triple four triples in tonight's game has dominated for most of the game.

  • Robinson's gift wrapped a new career for Duncan Robinson.

  • Three point field goals.

  • Oh, my Jimmy Butler doing it out on a three on one break shovel pass and it's bad tonight.

  • The first time he came off the measure.

  • Jump start.

  • His work is feasting at 16 points Thursday in Atlanta.

  • 17 more tonight.

  • He can knock it down from the outside but what he's done well is mixed.

  • Step back.

  • Three.

  • Rockets giving up a three second triple for Taylor here.

  • This is the six regular season game in.

  • Each night you learn a little bit more about your team drug.

  • It's triple triple for the culture, but the offense has been so free flowing with so many different guys right there.

  • Johnson first game of the season since last championship season back in the 12 4013 way to get their foot win in six games, they do it by 29 blowing out the Rockets.

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a month of November begins for the with a big Sunday night matchup in Miami against the NBA's highest scoring first shots.

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Jimmy Butler, Miami Heat have historic first quarter vs. Rockets | 2019-20 NBA Highlights (edited)

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