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  • What's everybody film about to break my fast?

  • Before the game, I got six powered engine sandwich here, some fruit to bananas, get rate on water and, of course, my pink.

  • It's the Ramadan calendar moves a certain number of days each year.

  • So once you come to the realization who if we make a deep run in the playoffs, I'm gonna be in the midst of this.

  • Are there steps you take to prepare and say, Okay, I know this is coming every year.

  • I fast, once or twice a week during the season.

  • So when Ramadan comes, I'm like, You know what my body's used to.

  • It models you.

  • Stewart, Can you give us some sense?

  • And it's of what your faith means to you means a lot.

  • I have bean praying five times a day on fasting.

  • Seems made nine years old.

  • I just want to go in and just and also should be a example off the old the young generation you're in the midst of this Western Conference finals.

  • Take me through what time you're waking up approximately what you're trying to consume, and then also through the game, not being able to consume water woke up.

  • There are 3 30 when you wake up today, you don't really have an appetite.

  • But I really forced myself to eat.

  • I got my bread full from a lot of guys.

  • Very yummy banana and a granola bar, my homeless encampment of water and, of course, to be water.

  • Because all I have practiced by lifting, I haven't maybe came to play a little later that day, I think Case idea and then a lot of water Try toward against much water.

  • I can't.

  • I try to go back to sleep.

  • I don't really creative breakfast or lunch.

  • I think the hardest part is like last 45 minutes.

  • Just keep being strong.

  • Just There's no medicine either, though, so you separate your shoulder early in the playoffs.

  • Can you take medication when you wake up?

  • Or is the fast throughout for medication during the fasting?

  • Cannot think, of course, no medication because nothing is allowed to get in your body.

  • But when I was waking up, I was taking a painkiller and I was going to sleep last 23 games.

  • Alla Abdel Nabi is the Philadelphia 76 ers color person, he said.

  • For me, It's the water.

  • How hard?

  • It's off course.

  • It's tough because, like when you come, you look at the generator still cold.

  • I want to drink.

  • So we're just the water, you know, because the the water boys are just passing waters, everybody and then 1st 2 times is like the water was like, No, I don't want anything fasting.

  • You need to give me a water to hold.

  • Whole game was like he was like, Are you sure?

  • Whole game was like no water.

  • I'm good, but I was like, you know what?

  • But in me I know I'm doing something right.

  • So it just makes it feel way She was my favorite player.

  • I washed him so many times these games, his foot work so that I heard that, you know, he was fasting for 95 he wanted every people, and I texted him.

  • It was the first day of Ramadan, and I'm like, Can you meal a little tip off?

  • What you were eating, how much water you were drinking.

  • And what did you do?

  • What was the best piece of advice he gave you?

  • I think the best it was he always used me that, you know, just just keep.

  • So I want you to focus on your fatal.

  • Is this so important?

  • Inspire others.

  • I think that there wasn't more supportive advice.

  • They gave me this there One moment in the midst of this that stands out for you.

  • I think the best moments I have just have seen a support for my coaches.

  • They were so respectful about everything.

  • You know what?

  • This is so amazing.

  • This is I never experienced this any country for not even in my country that people respected me this much.

  • I think that was the most surprising thing that I experienced, that how respect with people were.

What's everybody film about to break my fast?

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How Enes Kanter fasts for Ramadan and still functions in the NBA playoffs | NBA Countdown

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