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  • recruiting one of the buzzwords of this summer around the league and recruiting is what Piston star Blake Griffin attempted to do.

  • But he said his best efforts were unsuccessful.

  • Here is what Griffin shed on the part of my take podcasts and shut outs.

  • Pft and Big Cat.

  • Their quote.

  • I did a few calls, a few tax, a few reach outs.

  • You know what I think I was over three.

  • This year.

  • I texted Jeff Green and literally like, I think 30 minutes later, Blake says, it was like Jeff assigned with the Utah Jazz.

  • Now, Dave, we know Detroit.

  • Not necessarily one of the NBA's glamour markets, but players did sign with smaller markets this summer.

  • In fact, that was kind of ironic, because he's talking about Jeff Green, who signed in Salt Lake City.

  • So it's not like he went to L.

  • A or New York.

  • Um, what did you think about Blake saying?

  • I just wasn't able to recruiting with Well, some of this is about the reality of being a small mark in the N b A.

  • Where you're gonna get your talent.

  • Maybe not through free agency, but through trades.

  • You know, the Pistons have Blake Griffin because of a tree with Clippers.

  • It reminded me of the King's train for Harrison Barnes last year, and it was like, That's our free agent.

  • We make out to get the guy to come take our money in the summer time.

  • But if we trade for and then re sign him, it's the same idea.

  • And so it's just the reality of what they're going through.

  • But it also reminds me of LeBron being in Cleveland, and that wasn't such a problem.

  • He didn't get every guy he wanted, but he was able to convince guys come to Cleveland because of the forces personality and opposite get two things here.

  • One is is Blake Griffin's preferred comic mode is self deprecation, you know so and secondly is they have no money whose it's like jolly ranchers and pixie sticks like, What do you offer?

  • Forgetting the weather and or whatever may or may not be about appeal to Teoh Michigan, but they have absolutely no money they're going to.

  • It's going to be a while for the Pistons to cycle through some of the deals.

  • They're gonna have to get really creative, but they're you know they're compound that.

  • That's one of the reasons you for, you know, whispers about injury drum and commit off some of this money.

  • Is there something we can do to kind of shake up the composition of this roster?

  • But it's really hard for them.

  • This is signed free agents because they got no space.

  • I mean, look, I do have to give Blake Griffin credit here.

  • Maybe he wasn't successful.

  • Maybe he was over three, but he got traded in a deal in a deal that guys would have sulked very publicly over for quite some time.

  • He had a team that he signed with is a free agent who put a banner in front of him and said, You will be on our team for life except also six months and then boom, he was dealt and look.

  • It was the team's right to do that, But he could have been upset about it.

  • And instead, from Day one, he has had such a good attitude about being in Detroit.

  • He is truly bought in, wants to win with that team and the fact that he is even in the first place.

  • Speaking text or phone calls or anything to try to get people to take the Pixie Stix and Snickers.

  • I heard they were also throwing in sneakers and jelly beans.

  • I think that says something good and you can see I'm just going There we go.

  • Starburst are excellent.

  • That's an excellent point.

  • David Letterman Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

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recruiting one of the buzzwords of this summer around the league and recruiting is what Piston star Blake Griffin attempted to do.

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Blake Griffin says he was '0-for-3' in free agency recruiting this year | The Jump

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