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  • Joining us now is our Ramona Shelburne and the Lakers are not fans of the Oklahoma City thunder right now.

  • Ramona Shelburne Because the thunder helped make this happen.

  • Help bring Kawai to the Clippers because he was able to bring Paul George with him in this blockbuster deal.

  • Uh, how did this happen?

  • How did okay see make this happen for Kawai, Leonard and the Clippers organization.

  • So the Oklahoma City thunder felt like they didn't have much choice here.

  • Because within the last couple of days, and and really, what we've seen is in the last couple of days, Regency was pretty much over.

  • Okay, He was.

  • That was July 1st, really?

  • Do 30th.

  • And And this Paul George trade demand came after free agency had begun.

  • And so the Oklahoma City thunder heard from Paul George that he wanted.

  • He requested a trade and he wanted to go to the Clippers to play with a Y.

  • And they felt like, You know what?

  • We've seen this movie before.

  • We saw it in New Orleans last year with Anthony Davis.

  • We saw this in San Antonio with Kawhi Leonard, and we're not about to go through this with Paul George.

  • And they felt like, you know, this is you know, obviously a team they felt like could contend they had another at least another year, so in them to contend.

  • But if you're gonna have an unhappy star there, they had to get what they could for him.

  • And they got a fairly historic hold for Paul George here.

  • But in some ways that the thunder's perspective on it they weren't really trading just Paul.

  • George.

  • They were getting a hole for coil entered, too, because I'm not sure why.

  • Letter goes to the Clippers without Paul George way maybe having a different conversation if they don't make this train.

  • Yeah, I asked that question wrong, and it's a good point.

  • I ask that question to woes earlier in Sports Center, and he said he doubted that would happen.

  • He would that he would have picked the Clippers of Paul.

  • George did not come with him, so that was interesting.

  • So now, as we look at the Clippers and we look at the Lakers situation, you know, we found out the Lakers agreeing to a deal with Danny Green a two year deal.

  • When you look at the Lakers and where they're stand, What is your take away for them now?

  • What?

  • Well, they were starting to get a sense that this wasn't going their way the last day or so with Kawai Leonard, because he you know the information.

  • They kind of felt like this, kept getting pushed back and pushed back, and they had to go about their business.

  • And they have a trade for Anthony Davis That's supposed to be completed tomorrow.

  • And you know the because Kawai Leonard was still out there because you still had to wait on him.

  • This is now 18 players involved in that trade and for teams.

  • And there's this trade needed to go through on July 6th.

  • And if Kawhi Leonard was still taking his time and was asking them Can you wait?

  • Can you wait?

  • They were gonna This is gonna start getting very uncomfortable for everyone involved.

  • Now, Anthony Davis waves his $4 million trade kicker.

  • And from what I understand, you can unwind that.

  • So he gave up $4 million for them to pursue Kawhi Leonard.

  • And they thought they had a good chance.

  • That and that.

  • Yes, he just has this.

  • You just they just giving that money, I guess the Danny Green.

  • But I would expect them to move in short order to bring back contagious Caldwell.

  • Pope.

  • I know they've been talking concurrently with JaVale McGee and Razon Rondo's guys they've had they've had on the team in the past.

  • Um, this was this was obviously not plan a plan.

  • A was to get the three stars, but they still feel really good about him.

  • David doing their team.

  • I want that trade go through tomorrow.

  • This we know the robbery Clippers Lakers Better than ever.

  • Ramona Shelburne.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Thank Linda.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

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Joining us now is our Ramona Shelburne and the Lakers are not fans of the Oklahoma City thunder right now.

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Kawhi gets George to Clippers, Thunder's hands were tied - Ramona Shelburne | SportsCenter

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