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  • did LeBron want to put on a show with that kid?

  • Absolutely.

  • Athlete viewed the cliche that I'm approach all games like they're equal note or not.

  • You know, when you're playing on national TV, you know when you're going against other marquee names.

  • You know when it's for playoff standings.

  • Are seedings.

  • Absolutely.

  • LeBron James wanted to put on the show knowing that Zion Williamson was going to be on the other side because Hat Zion had the better game in his team.

  • One.

  • You know, one of the question today will be designed.

  • Have a better rookie season in LeBron.

  • So he just squashed that immediately.

  • I think were asking that later in the show, we Oh, wait, when you look at this whole maybe passing of the torch and transitioning of the guard and that's not a thing that happened last night.

  • But how long are we away from that?

  • Where maybe Zion does take over as the face of the N because LeBron is obviously still very secure in that spot.

  • Well, I think there could be multiple faces of MBA, I think.

  • Look, Adachi is in that conversation.

  • Jayson Tatum bawled out last night.

  • He had 36.

  • John Moran is in that conversation coming up, so I do think it's inevitable because Father Time is undefeated.

  • But has it right now.

  • That's why I keep trying to tell people.

  • I think sometimes we take for granted what LeBron James brings to the table each and every night.

  • He's barely been injured his entire career for him to put up the numbers he's been putting up this year, By the way, don't forget he's the only creator on this team.

  • There's a lot more responsibility on his shoulders, like there's been every year for him to do all that.

  • We're watching something special.

  • There's some amazing young talents in the league and J named a couple of.

  • But I want to caution the world on something.

  • It ain't their league yet.

  • It belongs to the Greek free.

  • It belongs to Kawai.

  • It belongs to Katie.

  • It still belongs to Steph Curry.

  • They're gonna have their runs and they're gonna put up their numbers and they're gonna make their All Star games.

  • But they're not going to be championship NBA finals levels type young players just yet.

  • They turned, you know, and I know you purposely didn't.

  • But LeBron is the first name on that list and is on a championship.

  • Yes, now that stuff is not this year.

  • The Greek freaks certainly is where those are the guys who were there to me last night felt like it was LeBron making a statement in a way that he really has all season long.

  • He's prioritised, winning the M v P.

  • I think he's tracking towards that right now.

  • I know a lot of people would vote for the Greek freak right now, but I think this was a big a statement performance for LeBron Jesse LeBron James has regular season goal type of goals, so he's going to show up understanding that every game that I play gets me closer to the all time leading scorer, gets me closer on the assist list and to show up and performed for the fans and initially without science, it was feet a D against his former team.

  • Now Zion retires on LeBron.

  • I'm taking over getting a season high 40 point exactly in the Brown is dominant.

  • But look, Zion, that's his first taste of L.

  • A.

  • Last night, playing against that size of those players like JaVale McGee.

  • Dwight Howard.

  • They're coming, though.

  • Don't like the pelicans are coming.

  • They look like they belong in the playoff conversation.

  • And I have to admit, when I'm wrong, gentlemen, I'm gonna show you find tailored suits.

  • You think that I believe the pelicans will get a spot like you gentlemen, predict more greening daily.

  • Damian Lillard is injured for the blazers.

  • Jarron General Pelicans going to make the playoffs.

  • You know me A suit.

  • You know J a suit.

  • We're gonna look great.

  • It's gonna be fabulous.

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did LeBron want to put on a show with that kid?

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