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  • one of the most important and just sort of hyped lotteries that I have seen in a long time.

  • And now the results are in the number one pick went to the New Orleans Pelicans.

  • We now know that they will either trade the pick or pick Zion Williamson.

  • What impact on the league.

  • Do you think last night's draft lottery had a couple of things that are going to fly under the radar?

  • That I'm just gonna point point out?

  • Most people, including myself, felt like the Boston Celtics were the team that had the best assets to acquire anything like we're going.

  • And then the Sacramento pick ended up being a 14 and therefore, that isn't as attractive.

  • The Lakers were slotted to get the number 11 approximate pig, and they moved all the way up to number four.

  • It also hopefully taken his dead because the sun's the calf and the Bulls all we're trying to do so and none of those teams got a top three pick.

  • And so for Adam Silver, it was a terrific job of reshuffle in the day and for all those conspiracy theorists like myself that think the league only wants players to go to a large markets.

  • The number one in the number two picks are going to the smallest markets in the MBA.

  • Okay, so here's what I now see that could take place.

  • David Griffin with the former general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers with LeBron James played there.

  • The Pelicans and the Lakers try to do a deal this year in the deal fell through.

  • Now that the Lakers have the number four pick, they truly have the assets.

  • If they really want Anthony Davis compare with their young assets and that number four pick toe actually get him, they have what it takes.

  • Tow.

  • Actually get him or the pelican side.

  • You lose Anthony Davis, because even though they got Zion in the lottery, he still want to leave.

  • Don't get that twisted.

  • Anybody I know people like, Hey, maybe he should pair with Zion.

  • He trying to stand around and be peer with Zion, 18 and 19 year old kid.

  • He's trying to win the championship next season, so you get the you Trey Davis.

  • You acquire the young assets you build around Zion.

  • Now the pelicans are relevant.

  • The Lakers have a chance to get a d taking is basically dead.

  • The Celtics air still gonna be a good team, Maybe K deles, maybe kind of release what's gonna happen with quiet.

  • What's gonna happen with Jimmy Butler now, this summer, come July 1st and after the draft is going to really be frenzy.

  • But the MBA and I appreciate how in all of a sudden that's gonna be the headline.

  • What's happening in this league?

  • It is.

  • And I'm glad you mentioned Nancy Davis because people said, Oh, maybe in the Davis will stay now he's already gone out and said that his his trade request still Sands has been reported.

  • And there's also this There's Sony implications of this lottery alone.

  • Mike Kami You look at Memphis and number two, they're gonna likely pick John Moran.

  • Well, you don't pick John Moran.

  • So weaken back up Mike Conley.

  • That means Mike Conley might be on a different team next year.

  • And then you look at number three, you've got the Knicks, R J.

  • Barrett.

  • Or maybe you package that and try to upgrade.

  • And who knows what free agents are coming there?

  • The Lakers, they get the number four.

  • I have a really nice package for anti Davis and remember that they said no to that package, right?

  • The trade deadline, maybe some emotional feelings about the trade request were involved there.

  • This, I think, does pave the way for and Davis of Lakers with a healthy LeBron.

  • There's so much happening this summer is gonna be so exciting in the National Basketball Association.

  • And also, I can't wait to talkto Fat Joe later in the show about this Is not doomy gloomy for New York Knickerbocker fans.

  • As long as you've got a top three pick, I think you got a chance to get a perennial All Star.

  • You still have to Max free agent spots available and expectations are still low.

  • You know, if the Knicks would have got Zion, they would have blown through the roof.

  • Not it could still be a really good team, progressive to be a great one and hopefully a playoff team, depending on who they can acquire this off season.

one of the most important and just sort of hyped lotteries that I have seen in a long time.

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Pelicans winning NBA draft lottery paves the way for Anthony Davis to the Lakers | Jalen & Jacoby

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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