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  • Wiz: As the son of a rich hotel tycoon, young Ken Masters wanted for nothing.

  • Boomstick: Stupid rich kids!

  • Why don't their parents ever teach 'em any real values?

  • Like squirrel cooking or how to throw a punch!

  • Wiz: Well, turns out Ken's an exception.

  • Eager to teach his son some discipline, his father sent him to Japan to train in martial arts.

  • Boomstick: Yeah, turns out Ken's dad was buddies with the master karate hermit, Gouken, who Ken trained under for a decade, alongside a young warrior named Ryu.

  • Wiz: Under Gouken's eye, Ken was taught the ways of the Ansatsuken or "Assassination Fist", albeit Gouken's own non-lethal variant.

  • Boomstick: He learned techniques like the blast of ki energy known as the Hadoken, and also the Tatsu-monkey Senpu-kyaka.

  • Wiz: Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, also known as the Hurricane Kick, a spinning kick that leaves opponents reeling, but is also pretty good for getting past projectiles.

  • Boomstick: But the moves he excels at the most is the Dragon Fist, the SHORYUKEN!

  • It's a devastating rising uppercut and Ken's so damn good at it, he can set his whole damn fist on fire!

  • Wiz: At his best, he can perform the Shinryuken or "Divine Dragon Fist".

  • Not only is this attack engulfed in flames, it also creates a vacuum effect, drawing opponents in for multiple strikes.

  • The Shinryuken is the most powerful natural form of the Shoryuken technique.

  • Boomstick: Well, so long as you're not possessed by evil murder energy, but you should watch Ryu VS Scorpion to learn all about that.

  • Wiz: In fact you should go do that right now and be sure to come back next week as we cover Ken's opponent: Terry Bogard from King of Fighters.

  • Boomstick: And of course the week after that for the full episode.

Wiz: As the son of a rich hotel tycoon, young Ken Masters wanted for nothing.

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Ken Masters Kicks His Way Into DEATH BATTLE!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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