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  • Today, two experts of destruction and masters of terrain will fight to the bitter end.

  • White bomber, the Bomber Man and Taizo Hori a k a dictum.

  • He's Liz, and I'm boosting.

  • And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a death battle.

  • Bomber man is a psychopathic cyborg slave force to do other slaves to the death in dimly lit maze like arenas for the entertainment of alien.

  • No, not that bomb.

  • Ram.

  • Boom stick.

  • White bomber!

  • The bomber man, An alien robot warrior from the planet bomber who belongs to an intergalactic police force protecting the galaxy.

  • Oh, well, his method of saving those blend it's is blowing the shit out of them.

  • So he's all right with me, right?

  • Bummer.

  • Man cares little for the environment he is supposedly protecting, making him an unpredictable opponents.

  • Bombers answer to every problem is explosion got a locked door, blow it up behind on taxes, blow them up.

  • Having naggy wife blower s up to his arsenal consists of bombs, bombs and more bombs which usually take about two or three seconds to detonate.

  • And while the explosion start off small they could be upgraded to destroy an entire acre all at once.

  • Plus, you can charge a bomb of over four times its size for maximum destruction.

  • While blasting his way through planet after planet.

  • Bomber man finds numerous power ups buried beneath the earth.

  • Bomb up gives them extra bombs.

  • Accelerator increases his running speed armor gives them temporary immunity.

  • The explosion expander gives his bombs of power boost and bomb kick and power glove.

  • Let him pick and throw bombs at his own leisure.

  • And when he picks up super bombs, you know he means business.

  • I'm ducking t two judgement Day business Bomber man can also hatch and tame wild Ruiz kangaroo like creatures which give light bomber a distinct advantage in battle.

  • Each Rui has a different ability, though generally they're very fast, have incredibly good jumping skills, can step over bombs and sacrificed themselves for bomber man if need be counter like Yoshi, which brings up on Rand's weakness, his own weapons.

  • If white bombers careless, he can easily get caught in his own explosion or trapped himself between the wall and his drop bombs.

  • Yeah, bomber man's pretty good at blowing shit up, but He's not so hot when it comes to defusing his own explosives.

  • But he survived their aircraft on a games, leaving behind many smoldering piles of rubble that used to be planets, towns and families.

  • Dig, Dug is an expert excavator and executioner He consistently traverse is the underground to slay a dragon.

  • His real name is Taizo Hori, which literally means I want to dig.

  • He is also the father of the more recent phenomenon, Mr Driller Dig Dug two loves in life, Diggins and killing his main weapon is one of the most cruel and deadly weapons I've ever seen.

  • It's pretty much a cross between a bike pump in a harpoon, an odd weapon which I would normally question the efficiency of.

  • But when he stabs you with it, you're gonna wish you die any other way.

  • That what Mr Dig dug has planned for you.

  • The average human body can only take around £15 per square inch of air Pressure before death is assured.

  • Every time, dig dug pumps over 10 p s eyes injected into his victim, quickly immobilizing them two or three pumps later.

  • Dig does target come busts.

  • That is one a horrible way to die.

  • Imagine after being impaled, your then slowly filled will there until you explode.

  • Oh, man, this guy's sick dig Dug also has a jackhammer, which uses toe burrow through the earth at an unimaginable speed.

  • He has total control over his terrain and can maneuver through the ground.

  • Just Aziza.

  • Leah's walking through an empty field, climbing and crawling without slowing down.

  • That jackhammer could even force entire islands to split apart.

  • But the strangest thing is the sound.

  • It makes you think a jackhammer would sound like this.

  • What dig dug sounds like this, actually boom stick That sounds seems to occur every time he takes a step, not just when he's drilling.

  • So what?

  • It's his feet, man.

  • Now get really annoying.

  • No wonder this guy's a psycho dig.

  • Dug possesses great physical endurance, climbing and digging tirelessly for unprecedented amounts of time.

  • And yet he has easily defeated when tackled by a tomato with eyes one.

  • Yes, dig dug battles, both ferocious dragons and living tomatoes.

  • Who in the hell thought walking tomatoes with goggles were on par with fire breathing?

  • Ghost Dragon?

  • All right, the combatants are set.

  • Let's end this debate once and for all.

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  • But right now it's done for death, you know, explode, you dig.

  • Dug is a difficult opponent for anyone to be, not for brute strength but maneuverability.

  • Doug had complete control over the terrain right off the bat, while Bomber Man was forced to rely on his power ups for success digging the fight into the ground gave dig, dug a huge advantage, even after it looked like Bomber Man took a lead, dig dug proved he could control his opponent just as much as he can control his environment.

  • Bomber man sure went out with a bang.

  • The winner is dig dug Next time on death metal.

  • I am shadow the ultimate life for and I, the Brits of all got an idea for a death metal.

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  • Thanks for watching.

Today, two experts of destruction and masters of terrain will fight to the bitter end.

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Bomberman VS Dig Dug | DEATH BATTLE!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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