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  • my family joins us now, after a spectacular game, I'm gonna start in that third quarter.

  • You're down 10.

  • You hit back to back threes and all of the sudden the momentum really shifted.

  • How how are you all able to absorb the punches?

  • That this That this team and that crowd was throwing early to bounce back and ultimately win this huge Game five?

  • Yeah, I just I think we're battle tested, You know, I think that we had a tough Siri's Orlando challenges.

  • I thought really, really challenges, and we've just been through these moments before.

  • We've had ups and downs throughout the season, injuries and just a lot of adversity.

  • So we've been able to push through.

  • And that's bode well for us in this playoff.

  • So obviously we know these guys are going to give us, Ah, big shot and and a good push, and we just got to build a weather to store.

  • I have a question about why he's so fascinating to watch as someone that loves the game because his talent is so obvious and everything else is a mystery.

  • What's the man like as a teammate?

  • I za regular do man.

  • I try to say that.

  • I know that's not a sexy answer, but he's a super regular.

  • He's a great teammate, was a great friend, and we really enjoy him, obviously in the locker room.

  • And so hey, doesn't like talking to you guys a whole lot of social media and and that whole thing.

  • And other than that, you know, he's just like the rest of us.

  • So he's a He's a hell of a player as well, but at, and that's just play with him.

  • That's where I got to interrupt you regular guy.

  • I get, and I appreciate that.

  • But there's nothing regular about him in games like this.

  • It looks everything he does is excellent and it looks easy.

  • Have you got past the part where anything he does is surprising?

  • Yeah, you know, first week training camp and then seeing them perform at a high level a few times during the season, you get it.

  • You understand?

  • You know what all the hoopla is about with this guy and the way he's turned it up in this playoffs has been spectacular.

  • So obviously we lean on him a lot and he seemed to deliver every time and so so for the rest of us.

  • Guys like myself to just try to support him and and help him out as much as we can.

  • All right, let me close with this.

  • We the North, the Jurassic Park, this and that.

  • Look, Canada's going crazy.

  • They're ready for a close out game.

  • How do you take what's great about that and lean on it and ignore the rest That could make the moment feel almost become, Ah, too big, so to speak.

  • You know, I'm saying, Yeah, it was not the too big for us.

  • We were prepared for this.

  • That's why we work all year.

  • And at the end of the day, it's a basketball game.

  • Sky will go out there, We play the way we play.

  • We play well, we're gonna win.

  • If we don't, we lose.

  • And sometimes it's that simple.

  • But you go out there tonight and take care of business and put yourself in a great position to try to get it done in Toronto, and that's got to be our goal going forward.

  • Massive game tonight, Fred.

  • Appreciate you stopping by mega Look in game six.

  • All right.

  • Thank you.

my family joins us now, after a spectacular game, I'm gonna start in that third quarter.

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‘He’s a regular dude’ – Fred VanVleet on Kawhi | SC with SVP

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