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  • the one and only Jalen Rose happens to host not only ESPN off situation, but also low class.

  • You got TMZ stop of me about all I since I was a part of the second highest scoring game in the history of the NBA.

  • Certainly right that I get a chance to acknowledge bad defense in particular in this year's playoffs.

  • This play is gonna highlight the Houston Rockets.

  • Okay, that's a terrific pass by Draymond Green, right?

  • But let's get a 2nd 0 no.

  • Now this kind of embodies today's game and I know just a big shot is not gonna like this.

  • There's a guy all right, open right here in Austin Rivers.

  • Much rather get out here to this guy.

  • Then they give up a dunk in the highest percentage shot in basketball is steel, regardless of the analytics, since the Curry three is let or done.

  • And then I looked deeper into the box score.

  • Paul and I noticed some really good.

  • I mean, click appellate wouldn't focus.

  • You know why?

  • That's what I know one focused about about this next Juicy that Kyle Lowry Little hesitation right here.

  • You feel like he's walled off Jolan be does a terrific job of showing Big Jimmy Butler's trying to stay with Kawai.

  • Scotus still trailer, but watch Carl Arias It continues to pro and be want somebody else to garden for some strange reason.

  • I guess he really doesn't realize that that's Ah, let the ball know what just happened there, that silly and do it real speaking.

  • Get him while he was sick.

  • You know what?

  • That's what happens when you get being on the road.

  • You know me.

  • You won't look at the stash.

  • Eat because you're getting the breaks beat off.

  • Y'all in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Trivia question for you.

  • HRC shirt says Go.

  • Can you tell me who that is?

  • M.

  • J for Basque gentlemen wearing this shirt.

  • Yeah, that's MJ.

  • Gotta be.

  • That's what I thought I got you.

  • How about this?

  • One of the favorite place off this Siri's that I've seen like this effect not watch k d cp three.

  • These two guys are going to get into a little shoving match.

  • The problem is CP three flops so much and he's about to get up and he realized you know what that got?

  • Seven foot.

  • I don't even want those problems.

  • I thought about it.

  • He looked up.

  • He like, maybe.

  • Is that Is that a point guard?

  • You know what?

  • I'm sorry.

  • He was ready to give you another guy.

  • So those people are we going on?

  • I love the way bad events that you see tweet directly at Jalen Rose class of 81 people.

  • He will see it.

  • I promise you that He puts those videos together himself.

the one and only Jalen Rose happens to host not only ESPN off situation, but also low class.

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Jalen Rose roasts Chris Paul, Joel Embiid and Austin Rivers in 'Class of 81' | NBA Countdown

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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