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  • There's two sides to every player returns with the place they once called home Love side Kate.

  • Both sides of wounded any most both sides justified.

  • What is that hate cap you all saw?

  • Okay, CD Katie, but don't trip.

  • There's a new dynasty in the Golden State.

  • Warriors champions once again, back to back titles.

  • Three in four years.

  • Sometimes revenge is sweet.

  • 80.

  • He better be learn.

  • He has to go back to war.

  • The love camping experience The love side of Point is returned to Charlotte has acknowledged he teared up good The way Got it when you came back to Miami.

  • Ke Jie got it when he returned to Mitt this fall.

  • Man, very tough in this form will take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami LeBron.

  • He lived through both words, experiencing the extreme size of both love and hate.

  • The two different times he returned to Cleveland.

  • Our world champion.

  • Two different uniforms under two extremely different circumstances.

  • LBJ Radio.

  • What is this History?

  • NJ had to come back to the shot as a member of the plan here.

  • I feel guilty plan against with fans and appreciation that they paid to me early in the game shack when he had to go back toward land.

  • The uncertainty of how the human dynamics of love and hate plays out when returns are imminent.

  • Kyrie chose to leave Boston.

  • This opportunity ahead of us is something that we haven't had in our careers.

  • Katie chose to leave the base very where we could meet up at this point so we can control our destiny.

  • Kawai.

  • I chose to leave a country, No wonder.

  • Think trying to wrap their fans, the whole organization, really?

  • But now, a moment next journey.

  • The new freedom of free agency sometimes comes with call unpredictability.

  • Avoid bat toe where you weren't rule of coming face to face with the rawness of out of people who once loved you really feel about of love.

  • Hey, thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

There's two sides to every player returns with the place they once called home Love side Kate.

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Love and Hate: The emotional cost of NBA free agency | NBA on ESPN

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