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  • markets, Turkish television, all the views that are watching you guys, all of Europe.

  • Is there any different preparation for a, um, be our minds coming in?

  • It's gotta play better than we have in the past.

  • Don't believe every game.

  • It happens.

  • Like sort of This is a little weird to beat under underdog now.

  • But wait, roll with the punches and will come out plan hard as we can.

  • You know, we'll see what happens on the lighter side of the conversation, where with European television in Spain, people are staying up late to watch you guys your nickname Older to calling your primo.

  • What do you think about that primo primo?

  • The bar has been really good with Toronto lately.

  • You guys anticipating them to move the bowl fast, quick and they're getting those open shots.

  • And hopefully guys were able to defend them better than you have been in the past.

  • That game plan.

  • It is a tough team.

  • They got five threats on the floor, share the ball and then make everyone threatened.

  • They do it, will.

  • You gotta come out on our toes, ready to go.

  • Being happy that you were able to make it back despite injury.

  • But also, I imagine your competitive disappointed that maybe you're not healthy where you want to compete at your best.

  • Um, I mean, just cause I was so just make the best of the situation, and I saw you really can do it is not often that you guys find yourself in this deficit on the road, where a team that's never won the MBA championship gets the chance to do that in front of their home crowd.

  • And obviously, you guys have been able to witness the fans.

  • You've traveled to Oakland for the games.

  • How do you overcome that?

  • And try to turn the SYRIZA around from my radio every game, this one, only a game set.

  • So that's how we're approaching what hasn't been moved, like in the locker because, I mean, you guys have a team that is literally one of the best ever focus on those that have a problem.

  • And if you got from the players in the locker room after what Draymond said about Game 456 come back and celebrating.

  • Sitting in Draymond In the interview after the third game loss, he said, You know, we'll go ahead and win game 45 and celebrating Game six.

  • So you felt and I still got a chance to pull out this year's.

  • This is far from over.

  • You guys feel confident with the squad you had.

  • I'm sure to come back, I guess.

  • Dream A fiery speech.

  • You guys after the game the other night, you talked a little bit.

  • About what?

  • It's not over you got.

  • You got a great chance of winning this series.

  • So we just gotta come on play point Blythe, which is the game tomorrow.

  • Like you said one game at a time.

  • All the viewers in Europe that are watching any messages that are staying up late to watch against more and cheer on for you.

  • Thank you.

  • Appreciate it.

  • Thanks for coming from remote.

markets, Turkish television, all the views that are watching you guys, all of Europe.

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DeMarcus Cousins says series is 'far from over' ahead of Game 5 | 2019 NBA Finals

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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