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  • the notion of LeBron James and Michael Jordan on the floor together at the same time would be about as dynamic as anything that we've ever seen.

  • Yeah, when I saw him talk about this, it just made me smile because that is LeBron James.

  • This is actually a great conversation.

  • It was 40 minutes along with two of the guys who he was friends with.

  • He has let his guard down, and that's when he's at his best.

  • And it made me smile because you get to your core.

  • That's who LeBron believes he is.

  • What he believes the best version of himself is as a teammate.

  • He's not always been the best version himself.

  • None of us are.

  • But that's what he believes.

  • And when he thinks back to his childhood falling in love with Michael Jordan, he didn't envision playing him with one on one.

  • He envisioned playing the Scottie Pippen role.

  • Ah, lot of LeBron's game was patterned after Scottie Pippen's game.

  • Now LeBron didn't like the way I framed us.

  • I wrote a story about how you know he was March did.

  • In being his teammates in his adversary.

  • He tweeted about he didn't like it, but I really think he was just afraid of being called week there.

  • I do think at his core.

  • If you know LeBron.

  • He really relishes being a lot as a teammate, something he's been criticized for throughout his career, but something I don't think he truly backs down from.

  • Look, Michael Jordan was a scoring.

  • His the greatest score, probably, ever.

  • LeBron James is not a score first player.

  • That isn't his instinct.

  • I've said many times I believe he was put on this Earth to be the greatest point guard that ever lived.

  • Or, in his case, I guess a point forward.

  • I don't know why it would be deemed a sign of weakness to, say, LeBron James, playing with a guy like Michael Jordan, who was just like the same score that LeBron has played with throughout his career at his best, but infinitely better than any of the rest of them.

  • It would be a perfect combination.

  • Yeah, you know, the thing about this is this.

  • LeBron is Diz.

  • Mentality is different than Jordan's, you know, you know when LeBron LeBron has done one documentary about his career, it was about his high school years and the entire documentary was about him as a teammate with his other four friends in high school.

  • This no, this document that Michael did was about mythmaking.

  • Now it's It's an incredible story, and we all loved it and LeBron loved it, and LeBron was fired up to be talking about his hero.

  • But that's just the way the two of them are different.

  • It doesn't necessarily mean that one way is the right way or the other, But I do think LeBron is a little bit sensitive to the idea that that implies weakness.

  • And he certainly will be criticized by other talking heads today for being weak.

  • But I think he was being honest.

  • That's all I've ever wanted from him and all we ever want for many of our athletes.

  • For whatever it's worth, I don't consider it the least bit weak.

  • I think it's the right assessment of two players and how their skill sets would have gone perfectly together.

  • Now.

  • That said, because of LeBron's greatness, because he has transcended any player in his own generation and is now really competing with ghosts on the all time list, it does then begs the question How do you think Last dance airing, particularly as it did during this vacuum, where the n B A.

  • Went away to the side.

  • How do you think it has impacted LeBron's legacy and, if at all, his psyche?

  • Well, just look at this poll we released yesterday, which had some ridiculous things about it.

  • People thinking that Michael Jordan was a better passer than LeBron and stuff it has remade it.

  • You know, if you're of a certain age, you grew up, Uh, you know, falling in love with Jordan and then watch LeBron's career.

  • If you're of a certain age, you grew up watching Dr J and Larry Bird or you watch Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain, or, if you're a certain age, you never got to see Michael Jordan play.

  • So this really brought him to people who forgot nor hadn't seen him play.

  • I do think that part of the reason Jordan said yes to this.

  • So he said yes to this documentary in the summer of 2016 after LeBron won, that title was because maybe for the first time there was possibly a threat to the throne, and I and I think that Jordan cares about that, just like LeBron cares at the end of the day about being known as a great teammate, Jordan cares about being known as the best, and I'm not sets out saying LeBron is not competitive and that he doesn't want to be remembered the best.

  • But the two of them go about things differently.

  • Who greeny, who are the people we most compare LeBron to?

  • We compare him to Michael and we compare him to Kobe on.

  • One of the reasons it's right for comparison is because of how different he is.

  • The number 100%.

  • He's different from them as far as the way he plays, and he's different from them.

  • As far as his personality is also the youngest, which I think is significant, it's all it's good for Michael Jordan.

  • I think it's acceptable for Michael Jordan say these guys aren't as good as I was.

  • I think it would be viewed very differently if LeBron James were to say I think I'm better than Michael Jordan was.

  • I think that would be viewed very differently than Jordan trying to suggest he himself is the best.

  • Yeah, and he didn't go through a brief period it again right after he won the 2016 title, where he allowed himself to talk about.

  • Hey, I'm chasing this ghost.

  • I want to catch this ghost.

  • But you know what?

  • He's backed off of that.

  • And he has said, My career is complete.

  • Everything else from here is gravy.

  • I do believe that I do believe it doesn't have toe conclude more championships, but there are certain people who will count.

  • And Jordan is one of those people.

  • Oh, no question.

  • I think there's a lot here.

  • It's well done.

  • Windy, Thanks very much.

  • And thanks for taking that look back for us and what the n B A season has lost.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

the notion of LeBron James and Michael Jordan on the floor together at the same time would be about as dynamic as anything that we've ever seen.

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