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  • It's a make or miss league.

  • It's a make or miss league.

  • I have no idea make miss.

  • It's a make or miss league.

  • See, honest knows, make distractions alert.

  • It is time for another Al Horford.

  • I mean, look, Al has been doing this for years.

  • For a while, he said he wasn't where he was doing it.

  • By then, he said he was to being a purpose.

  • I love it.

  • Devin Booker has tried to imitate him.

  • Should more players jump in on this?

  • Because, I mean, you know, this is his thing.

  • Leave him alone.

  • There will be a time were like five years from now, there'll be some young player that saw it and thought it was the funniest thing and he'll be doing it, but it's definitely worth it.

  • Are you saying it doesn't on purpose because he doesn't want her?

  • But I think he should be an actor after his career.

  • He's 1000.

  • Look, he's doing it like 10 seconds later.

  • Oh, no, he's not 10 seconds.

  • When I wasn't sensitive, you come on, I think now he said, for sure you have a better Do you think he's doing this?

  • Come on, Yes, he's doing.

  • It was a reaction, Miss Post Defense.

  • We're gonna throw some basketballs, Richard.

  • Later.

  • See, people Way had colon dunks last night.

  • Johannes, Over.

  • Julius Randle.

  • You don't look atyou.

  • Ellen beat here.

  • And that is a grown man who is the bigger bully.

  • And, well, you know he did that toe.

  • Randall Randall, his six foot nine sandy pound Randall kind of shoved him in the chest.

  • He was trying like Royce O Neill.

  • He just saw smaller man and said, indeed, like, I mean, look, there are other teams contending in the East.

  • I'm not disrespecting the Raptors, the Celtics, the heat.

  • But there is the idea that it could come down to these two guys going at each other toe finals just because of the big presence on both of them.

  • And dealing with here, though, is one of the reasons why the Celtics is great.

  • Is there playing?

  • I don't know if they can.

  • They can do it.

  • Someone.

  • Trade trader Danny, make Tsunami Bumpy, Big night.

  • Starting with that poster and then two huge threes.

  • Late this beat the Hornets.

  • Brian, You know that tsunami poppies music.

  • This was one of the strangest games I've seen all season.

  • Kelly, you Bray was just average to below average.

  • And then the last two minutes of this game, like LeBron, he had, like, three steals a watch.

  • It was that Steve Blake I watch.

  • It was like, uh, Carmelo about that.

  • He's way have decorates for the being in Phoenix has been great for Yes, it has been great for him.

  • He was playing the Wizards was a good idea.

  • Well, I think they weren't.

  • He hadn't made the type of jump that they were expecting.

  • And then he goes to a place and gets the opportunity to do it.

  • And he's maximized it.

  • By the way, wizards continue to score their scoring.

  • A basketball now somewhere, Miss Expectations.

  • Same game.

  • Check up this Mac beyond bow on the break finishes with the euro.

  • The bench There last.

  • Are they laughing at him or with him?

  • He ain't laughing.

  • Euros gorgeous.

  • Good for him.

  • Great.

  • Finish to the key.

  • Gotta finish it.

  • Well, yeah, it doesn't matter.

  • Not by the way.

  • Not I'm not judging by the Euro sneaker Sneaky buyout candidate for tighter Danny, where is he?

  • Breaks.

  • So good thing this is interesting.

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It's a make or miss league.

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'This was one of the strangest games all season' - Brian Windhorst on Suns vs. Hornets | The Jump

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