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  • Kevin Durant, as we know, suffered that torn Achilles in Game five of the Finals.

  • Not stopped him, though, from opting out of his player option, becoming a free agent, according Toa watches report this morning.

  • So, Nick, you covered this team all season.

  • Do you think the fact that he opted out and basically what was on the table is if he adopted in, he would basically make the Warriors pay for rehabbing him for the year, and then he could become a free agent next summer?

  • That was one of the options, right?

  • That option is off the table now.

  • So do you think this makes him or less likely to stay with the words?

  • I don't think it changes one thing.

  • This is what they've expected all along.

  • They knew that this day was coming.

  • He's going to get paid, no matter what.

  • The feeling The last couple months before the injury guys was Kevin's probably gonna leave.

  • I think everybody internally within the Warriors, organizations like all right, it's probably gonna happen.

  • Then he comes back and he gets injured and you go, What?

  • It changes the whole dynamic.

  • I was just talking to a bunch of people with the new organization last 24 hours.

  • They just don't know.

  • The hope is they say, Kevin, here's $221 million.

  • Here's five years come with us to the Chase Center.

  • You live in San Francisco?

  • Are you comfortable here?

  • We'd love to have you back and try to win titles a year from now.

  • Continue the dynasty.

  • They just don't know from their perspective in after what's happened the last few weeks.

  • Anybody who tells you they have a great read on what Kevin is feeling, nobody does.

  • Yeah, I mean, you think you should stay?

  • I think it's just a I mean, he's suffered a major injury.

  • This is probably one of the toughest injuries in the game of basketball or in any sports, and you just don't know how he's.

  • He's gonna come back, his style of play, the way that he plays.

  • It's gonna be almost two years before you get back on the basketball court and you gotta have confidence to bounce back from this type of injury is gonna take some time for him to hell and I just don't see a team saying three years he'll be ready, right?

  • Well, I mean, we saw.

  • But you come back in, what, 10 10 or 11 months was that right?

  • Was almost almost a full year, almost a full year.

  • But then, of course, it takes a while to work your way back.

  • We don't expect him to be Kevin Durant right away with Golden State.

  • I don't know if we have the numbers, but I your cohort Anthony Slater from the athletic talking about it this morning.

  • The fifth year would be $50 million Scottie.

  • $50 billion for one season, that he's 35 years old.

  • How different it used to be right.

  • That was a bad number.

  • If you're 35 year old NBA player, make just saying, Think about it.

  • Katie might be worth your while.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

Kevin Durant, as we know, suffered that torn Achilles in Game five of the Finals.

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