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  • I don't think it should have happened.

  • It's Ron Lou to the athletic.

  • About getting fired by the cash 15 months ago, Pablo was right.

  • About that is because very few coaches and memory have been treated like this.

  • Three finals, one title and then goodbye.

  • But Tyler, you it sounds like he was mostly to ownership to the front office.

  • He was the guy who could handle LeBron, who challenged LeBron, who made him play at his best, who told Kyrie and Kevin Love, Hey, deferred to LeBron while also simultaneously infuriating LeBron well enough for him to be a peak performer.

  • And so when LeBron left, so was Tyler.

  • You Hai Lu was out, and I understand how that came to be.

  • A certain irony in this, though, is him saying that a coach who had been to the Finals as many times as he was would not wind up getting fired.

  • I could name one.

  • It happened to him twice, and he might be the greatest coach of all time.

  • And that's Phil Jackson happy to him at the Chicago, where they decided it was just the end of the rope on that one.

  • It didn't happen to him again twice in Los Angeles, where they just said, OK, now we're done with this.

  • Balu didn't have the baggage with with his situations.

  • They had as Jackson head with those I get where he's coming from, but they really just looked at him as a guy who coached abroad as much as Dan Gilbert hated the idea that LeBron thought the world revolved around him, he sure acts like it did, because nobody else really gives any credit seems to be in the mind of Dan Gilbert, one of that championship other than LeBron James, and I guess himself and credit to David Griffin.

  • Because Tylo, in this story was saying as soon as David Griffin, who was tie loose champion, he wanted to replace David Blatt.

  • As soon as Griffin was gone and Koby Altman came in, she kind of knew it was over.

  • Quote, Watch out.

  • Over the next 12 to 18 months, you might try to build one last super team there in Miami, said Brian Wimhurst about Pat Riley in the Miami Heat on Sirius X M MBA radio.

  • So, Bo, could you see Riley pulling that all Well, to pull that off in that interview when her has made a very important point, he said.

  • What Pat Riley feels like you're doing all this and trying to structure a little cap room and this long term plan, not what you need is one or two of these dudes and look up and say, I want to come play for you.

  • You go make it happen and then you find a way to go make it happen.

  • So the question is, is he going to be able to get those one or two guys to do that?

  • And is one of them going to be my man?

  • Freaky Greek e who does not impress you anymore?

  • I think that Yannis is the guy they're talking about their talking about.

  • Yon is coming over as a free agent in 2021.

  • That is what the director, if he propaganda has informed me.

  • But what I love about this story is that we have a great man theory of general managing with Pat Riley that is kind of extinct, otherwise simply by force of Pat Riley being Pat Riley.

  • All of these things are possible, but in reality you are correct.

  • It's about what these guys individually are feeling because Pat Riley is amazing and he will put his rings on the table and it will be blindingly bright.

  • But dizzy have the actual talent in his bam out of Bio and Jimmy Butler.

  • Are those two off three ingredients in a super team?

  • I don't even know.

  • That's true.

  • If Johannes can fit with those two, got a damn good chances.

  • Second, he's now right.

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I don't think it should have happened.

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