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  • coaches throughout i X.

  • These are the Lakers of our time.

  • All the soap opera continues.

  • Whoa!

  • First reported that Frank Vogel accepted a three year deal with the Lakers.

  • Next head coach decided to hire former Nets and Buck's head coach, Jason Kidd as a prominent assistant.

  • According to Rhodes owner, Debussy's decision was heavily influenced by both Lakers adviser Kurt Rambis and their former coach, Phil Jackson.

  • It just never ends jail in the series of moves tells you.

  • What about this?

  • Well, first off, Frank Vogel is a respected coach in this league, and I know that is probably not the big name Splash higher that franchise, like the Los Angeles Lakers and their fans are used to.

  • But he's a really good coach, and Jason Kidd.

  • Being on this staff does make the squad better, But the optics of this look unusual.

  • Based on how it was done, it almost looks like okay, managed me.

  • We want to hire Frank Vogel, but we want to bring in Jason Kidd in the keep LeBron James.

  • This whole thing stinks, man.

  • Correct like that.

  • There's nothing this whole thing I agree with, Frank is a good coach.

  • He's a good guy.

  • My thing is what it if Jason Kidd was the guy that they valued the most at all the coaches want to me, it's like they just they're just going to gloss.

  • Over the next three years, LeBron just gloss over and they say, Okay.

  • You ready?

  • Jason, Take it over.

  • Bronze call.

  • Frank, You go.

  • All right.

  • This is what we want it the whole time.

  • How do you do that?

  • When this guy committed to you these four years, I mean this this whole thing stinks.

  • You know what?

  • Believe it or not, I feel bad for LeBron at this stage of his career to be going through this, you know, And like related because you look at the organization.

  • Look, a organizations like Lakers, Celtics organization, first class, first light organizations who brought in terms of Hall of Famers, top flight free agents and LeBron at this stages of his career management issues, coaches, issues when he's tryingto at another championship to his resume.

  • Not that he does not study desert that he needs it, but he wants to go out the right way.

  • And, Mrs, this is pitiful.

  • The way both of you guys have been champions, okay?

  • And you guys know players on the team come and go.

  • Do you guys feel like LeBron had some influence?

  • How this coach, that's exactly where I was going.

  • I want to know if LEBRON ever stepped up for whoever he wanted, whether it was Jason T.

  • Loo, whoever.

  • Did he ever step up and have a voice because when he committed to them, it's a two way street, so they're committing to you as well.

  • So I would like to know, Obviously, I don't think he did, because because there was a game t loo five years, correct.

  • If LeBron stepped in on I disagree, I disagree.

  • If he didn't, I mean, I think that that's wrong.

coaches throughout i X.

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'I feel bad for LeBron' - Paul Pierce on Lakers' management issues | NBA Countdown

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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