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  • way.

  • Go crunch time here on the jump after CJ McCollum made comments on ring chasing that went viral, a fan named Jennifer tweeted at McCollum.

  • Win a playoff game, then talk.

  • McCollum's now famous response was, I'm trying, Jennifer.

  • Now McCollum has a three year, $100 million extension.

  • Remote.

  • Does Jennifer deserve any credit for motivating CJ?

  • I did like that story, but no hay has become a great here it is.

  • Don't frighten me.

  • Deserves that extension.

  • A look just so far in the shop.

  • They're like, Yeah, I like that.

  • My story.

  • This social media story.

  • Yeah, sorry, it's it's it's nice, but that I agree he doesn't need it.

  • Doesn't need just good job together.

  • Jennifer actually met CJ, All right.

  • The 70 Sixers added depth to their bench by signing Trey Burke.

  • Malika is Burke, a good backup point guard for the Sixers?

  • Sure.

  • I mean, yes, I do think he is a good backup point guard, but when you look at, uh, but let's let's go with the box.

  • And when you look at Eric Bledsoe is your starter and then you have George Hill coming off the bench.

  • My question becomes does that backup point guard in Trey Burke have the same caliber backup point guard that other teams are trying to beat?

  • Have I'm not so sure.

  • I mean, he is right in that stage where you know he didn't make it as much as a lottery pick coming into the NBA.

  • But, you know, I guess this is like the all of Michigan Wolverines show today that there is on the show.

  • He's right in that range where he could take that step forward.

  • If he's putting the right role, this might be that right way.

  • Go.

  • Trey Young will reportedly head to California after Team USA training camp to train with one a year people Kobe Bryant, Ramona with a focus on his image on his mid range jumper, according to the athletic Ramona, will Kobe turned tray into a mini Mamba?

  • I think you'll like a lot because he does have that same work ethic and he does have that same chip on his shoulder.

  • Um, I like that we're bringing the mid range game back right trays known for being three point shooter, but I think that if he's really and his, his idol is Steve Nash like he's always talked about these nationals.

  • The guy you grew up watching that was one of national signature shot.

  • So for him to work for Kobe, I'm not great.

  • I think it might take more than one summer to turn someone into a Mini Mamba, but I was reading in the athletic today that he's added quite a bit of 12 plus pounds of muscle.

  • Trey has.

  • So maybe, uh, you know, that'll that'll be something that works in his favor.

  • But I'm just curious.

  • If Trey is going to play tag with Kobe like we saw the other day, he's been playing tag with his teammates or no, just a little secret.

  • Last year's Finals MVP.

  • Quite letter operated in the mid range.

  • All playoffs.

  • Good shot.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.


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Trae Young is planning to train with Kobe Bryant this summer, according to a report | The Jump

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