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  • This is a long way from the Y M c a in Flint.

  • I just wonder what I mean The message you have to that kid.

  • Did you think this could become this?

  • And does it maybe not feel quite as far like Does that still feel like yesterday?

  • Oh, yeah.

  • I mean, it feels like yesterday.

  • I mean, I stayed in the what I'm seeing in Flint away day and night.

  • Just trying to get to this level.

  • For me to be here is just I give all the glory to God.

  • I'm just so happy to be here.

  • Next question.

  • On three in the back row there in the center miles robberies with the Action Network The tweet at halftime.

  • What was the thought process behind that was that Did it play a part in the M V p and should be allowed tweeting during games because it surely looks like it works tonight on you should allowed to eat during games.

  • But now that the world team, they're they're killing us.

  • And we were like, Let's play for real.

  • So I just tweeted that just just try to be funny.

  • Um, and it's ironic that came out of meeting 20.

  • But would the result have form and compete in the second half?

  • Next question.

  • Back here on the left, on four towards the back row.

  • Hey, Miles Deanna from W c au Quick question.

  • What challenges from the game have you learned to use as assets?

  • Have you learned to grow as a and become a better player?

  • Um, I just try to soak everything in from the older guys on our team terrier Rosie here way Have Marvin Williams.

  • So I just want to learn as much as I can from those bits and even me being around LeBron that's being in the same agency.

  • I try to learn as much as I can from those guys on and apply it to my game.

  • Next question.

  • Here on two.

  • In the second room in the centre.

  • Just wait for the mic, please yourself.

  • You cut off from the Did you imagine yourself having these trophy before the game on?

  • How do you feel to hear it right now?

  • I really just want to come out and have fun, enjoy the guys and put on a show for the fans on.

  • I mean, I'm happy I got the M v P.

  • I really thought Erich Pascal or Common was going to get it, cause Amber points to me.

  • But I'm happy I got it, too.

  • Next question on four in the back row, This way for the mike, please.

  • Mao's Joe's full of Chicago Crusader.

  • Was there any motivation to win M.

  • V p Playing for Michael Jordan?

  • You departed for the Charlotte Hornets?

  • I mean, I was coming from the Charlotte Hornets way.

  • Haven't been having the best season.

  • So who want to come out and play hard and the rising stars and show with Charlotte is about me to want a PJ on?

  • I feel like that's what we did.

  • I don't have any extra motivation, really.

  • I would say that, Um, but MJ put in Chicago on the map.

  • It definitely plays a big part, though.

  • Any other questions?

  • Last one right here on this second row on this side.

  • Rob Shay for NBC Sports Chicago When you hear those words Chicago basketball In your experience growing up, what do those words bring to mind for you?

  • Uh, I'll say, um, tough, gritty, great defense.

  • I mean, I grew up watching see the Derrick Rose era joking.

  • No, Uh um, and all those guys and they hustle for everything that they has.

  • So even even now we play Chicago, they're they're a good defensive team.

  • And that's what I think of when I think of Chicago.

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This is a long way from the Y M c a in Flint.

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