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  • and we now welcome in Boston Celtic, member of the NBA's all defensive first team.

  • And ladies and gentlemen, a patriot.

  • Marcus Smart.

  • Love it.

  • So glad we finally got you in here as I mentioned you were on the training camp roster for Team USA, along with Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown.

  • This is for the World Cup this September.

  • How important is playing for Team USA to you?

  • Especially with what did you call it?

  • Team Shamrock?

  • Shamrock.

  • There we go.

  • You know, just being able to be mentioned.

  • You know, one of those guys that they were looking is Ah, you know, honoring itself, you know, And as a kid, as an athlete, we all dream of being able to go do something like this and play for our country.

  • So actually, being able to be on his team, I'm ecstatic myself.

  • You know, my friends and family recited for me, and I'm just ready to get going.

  • Dave still has what?

  • Your Team USA Plastic Cup from 1992 kids somewhere that Teoh have that still in their home step.

  • There you go.

  • I mean, we have seen a lot of star all stars dropping off of the World Cup when it's time to decide the 2020 Olympic roster.

  • Can I have a feeling some of those big mega stars?

  • We're going to just come and I will come back now Who do you think should get preference?

  • Should it be some of the guys who competed this summer?

  • In my opinion, I think I think it is.

  • You know, we're in.

  • We're the guys putting their work at the time, you know, way deserve it.

  • You know, obviously you know the best.

  • Nowhere what they do, you know.

  • But we're the ones here putting because if you don't qualify, you don't get complained 2020.

  • So you know, we're putting network, so we should be and have that party for going to 2020.

  • Beyond that, you know, it's like it used to be that it was always talked about it.

  • It's a great honor, and it certainly is.

  • But I also noticed this kind of talking with guys over the years that given how global the game's gotten that, let's be honest.

  • I mean, it's also a great way for you to introduce yourself to billions of people who might not otherwise, you know, watch a regular season in NBA game.

  • I'm just wondering in terms of me.

  • How important is it for today's N B A.

  • Players to kind of have multinational platforms like that is huge.

  • You know, everybody's, you know, they have their own brain and they're trying to, you know, expand it.

  • And, you know, being able to get your face out there to be showing a scene, especially for guys like who isn't are not at the top tier of, you know, in the league.

  • You know, that's kind of what this roster is, you know?

  • You know those players under there they're not bad players, you know, But they might not be as near to some another player that everybody else thinks.

  • So you know, being able to get our faces out there and get people to see us, you know, it is tremendous force, and this is very helpful.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

and we now welcome in Boston Celtic, member of the NBA's all defensive first team.

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Marcus Smart is on Team USA, and he's ecstatic about it | The Jump

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