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  • man.

  • This story got me all worked up When I heard this this morning, free agent to be Campbell Walker said he would take less than the five year, 221 million Supermax deal he's eligible with for Charlotte.

  • He was doing an event this morning in North Carolina.

  • Reporters there asked him, Would you take less to help the team?

  • Tracy.

  • He said, Yes, I know why you say yes now at some event, as opposed to later when you are in negotiations.

  • This and they would have to tell me that they have really received a verbal form on All Star that will sign.

  • So the Charlotte Hornets for me to take less.

  • Other than that, I'm not taking less.

  • I've given you eight years and you'll have a surround me with anything right?

  • Who's coming to Charlotte?

  • I mean, coming in Charlotte, even if he takes a couple bucks less, here's the other thing with guys taking less and this drives me crazy.

  • There are two reasons to take less.

  • You could take less because it helps other than sign other guys to put around you to be a better team.

  • That is a good reason to take last, because sometimes the championship you can win, or even just far in the playoffs is worth it to you as a person, your personal goals more than those extra dollars.

  • But the reason that he would take less with the Hornets, at least for next season and maybe not as much beyond would be to save Michael Jordan luxury tax money.

  • Do not take less to do that.

  • I like Mike.

  • You like Mike.

  • There's a song about it through Jordan's Cell man.

  • He will be fine.

  • Do not take less.

  • So make the luxury tax lower in Charlotte.

  • I'm just saying Choir letter did not get 30 in Game five.

  • Producer Steve's in my ear like you got to talk about why I am a heated.

  • I told you that everybody's gonna be fine.

  • By the way, Draymond will make it through the night.

  • Do guessing, I believe.

  • Are we moving on to the Warriors?

  • Because we've got not getting not getting 30.

  • Hey, could maybe get to this most points in a single season.

  • He's 50 points away from breaking the record.

  • Do you think over this one or possibly next, two games back you get there?

  • No.

  • Unless he has 50 today because, I mean, it's a rat.

  • I Tracy, I'm a romantic.

  • I believe these guys so desperately want to win this last game and work.

  • All right?

  • Okay.

  • Want to deliver the Siri's one more time to Toronto?

  • But this means something them to play in Oakland for the last time in front of all of these.

  • You just run the bar.

  • He's going to keep talking.

  • So tell me, first of all, why are you romantic?

  • And that's a whole different.

  • How do the Warriors win Game seven?

  • All the periphery guys have to show up the markets has to replicate what he did in Game five.

  • Quinn cook out funds on McKinney.

  • If they hit their open shots and they help Steph and Clay, they're gonna win.

  • Second.

  • That they do it.

  • It's over.

  • Three.

  • Mind is more clear.


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'Oracle is being closed down by the Toronto Raptors tonight!' - Tracy McGrady | The Jump

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