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  • were picking chin up just a little bit.

  • Good.

  • My first conversation, real conversation was I on was a couple weeks ago.

  • We got to chat for 20 minutes or so After one of the workouts.

  • The last thing I said to him, I said, Look, man, don't this up.

  • He did.

  • He did.

  • It was so funny.

  • Like he was like, you just gave me some great advice and I mean, the whole mood shifted.

  • He was like, 13 for 13.

  • Don't mess itself.

  • My jg telling me stuff Steve was talking about, You know, you're one of the You're the oldest guy on this roster.

  • Now stop reminding me.

  • You still believe this team can go to the finals this year.

  • Steph Curry on our team.

  • Clay?

  • Yeah.

  • Stuff.

  • What sense have you gotten from Steve In the training set On what your workload might be this season.

  • What would you like to 48 minutes a game for 82?

  • Pretty much confirmed.

  • It is gonna be scary, so I can tell you it's gonna be scared.

  • Not for us.

  • If Russ got it going and rushes one of them games that we all seen for just sit back.

  • Washing show.

  • You know, this team is Ah, it's gonna be pretty, pretty dope.

  • It's gonna be a runway.

  • We have red carpet with amusing have the whole, you know, not yard.

  • So be ready for it.

  • We have to sit down so bad.

  • I feel like a president here.

  • Um, we all know how great Anthony Davis's.

  • And if we're not playing through Anthony Davis, why he's on the floor?

  • No sense to have him on the floor.

  • But he's that Great.

  • I'd like you to talk about what LeBron said when he talked about how everything should go through you to make you feel so much more important.

  • Yeah, um and we put him on a national stage in the finals to end up selling a product that came before the person Kevin.

  • And now I'm here to protect that.

  • I don't get what you trying to say.

  • What I do with the fish, like anybody else do have somebody for lady.

  • If you don't relate or so and, uh, cooking, you need it.

  • Okay.

  • Not that unfortunately inevitability here.

  • You they need That might be fun.

  • I grabbed a smooth taco one through mom back in the water.

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were picking chin up just a little bit.

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